Group Events!

Group Sessions with Bold Kulture Beauty

Grab your friends, grab your pens, and lets take a closer look at common natural concerns. Join me as we explore simple steps to address them and make natural hair care easier!

group sessions

Delivered in a group setting these lively sessions are designed to dispel myths about natural hair care and empower you to get the most out of your natural experience


Book Club with Bold Kulture Beauty



Join the club!!!

Group sessions

Grab your pens, grab your friends, and, join me for 4 weeks as we work through my eBook “It Could All Be So Simple.” In these sessions I’ll walk you through my book as we explore 5 simple steps to making natural hair care easier!!


Embracing Your Curls

Join The Conversation!


The battle for dope curls begins in the mind. If you want to take control of your natural experience it begins with Embracing Your Curls. With a love, appreciation, and understanding of your curls and their specific needs, you can show up fully on our natural journey and get the best for your curls!


Stay Tuned! new sessions and classes well be announced and held at our new location in the West Oaks Mall

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