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Are your expectations for natural hair care not aligning with your current reality? Is this whole natural thing starting to feel like a full-time job?

You’re probably thinking that this is not what you signed up for, but you didn’t know what to expect either.

Why didn’t anyone tell you about the marathon wash days, product overwhelm, styling challenges, and frustration that can accompany this journey?

Honestly, It’s because they did know either.

No worries, your favorite natural hair advisor is here and I can help you!!!

What does a pharmacist know about hair care?

Beyond my ability to dissect the big words and understand ingredients, my intimate knowledge of the facts enables me to deal with the “complexities” of natural hair care, dispel the myths and empower your to succeed on your natural journey .

Knowing where to go to get the facts and how to break them down seamlessly so that you can understand makes me excellent at what I do! The clinical skill and the know-how that I have developed over the last 15 years of breaking down the complex with facts and making things simple. That’s how this comes so naturally to me.

Oh, and did I mention I’ve been where you are and had the same struggles, insecurities, and frustrations. Then, realizing that things could be better, I dedicated my skills and energy to that proving natural hair care cold be easy!

Changing my view of natural hair care opened my understanding, changed my perspective, and ushered in a better way to do natural hair care.

And that’s precisely what I want to do for you! Remove significant barriers to success and give you the tools, support, and access necessary to make natural hair care easy.

So, yeah, I’m qualified, and I’m ready and willing to give you the tools you need to succeed!

Book a discovery call today!

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Learn proven steps for success as you start on your journey to mastering natural hair care!

schedule a discovery call and learn ways that I can assist you on your natural journey. Follow the link below.

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The One on One Kurly Conversation Bundle

Ready to make the transition to intentional curl care? the Kurly Conversation Consultation Bundle is exactly what you need. In this 4 part consultation service, I’ll help you identify your problem areas. Empower you to develop a simple plan to master natural hair care, and check-in with you on your journey .

Included in this bundle:

  • Curl Talk – In this 60-minute session we will get to the root of your concerns on your natural journey,. Explore past practices that may have hindered your success, and prepare for the next steps on your healthy hair journey.
  • Next Steps to Healthy Hair Success. – In this 60-minute session I help you develop the foundation for your healthy hair journey, and give you the tools to succeed.
  • The Kurlfriend check-in.- Set up two check-in calls to troubleshoot any issues and keep you encouraged on your healthy hair journey.
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Kurly Conversations with Bold Kulture Beauty – Group Sessions

Grab your friends, grab your pens, and lets take a closer look at common natural issues and simple steps to address them!

Delivered in a small group setting these lively sessions are designed to dispel myths about natural hair care and empower you to get the most out of your natural experience

An integral part of being successful on your natural journey is embracing your curls. With a love an appreciation for our specific curls we can show up fully on our natural journey and get the most out of natural hair care.

Join me April 3rd to learn the exact techniques I used to embrace my curls and get the most out of natural hair care!

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