KurlTalk Curl Care Sessions

Work With Me & Make Natural Hair Care EASY!

Ready to make natural hair care easier but don’t know where to start or how to do it…

Let me Help you:

  • Fully embrace the beauty and potential of your curls
  • Save time & simplify your hair care routine
  • Understand the unique characteristics of your natural hair
  • Build confidence in your ability to care for your natural hair
  • Set realistic goals and expectations for your natural hair
  • Comfortably master natural hair care!

Work with me and I will show you exactly what it takes to dispel all the myths and misconceptions about natural hair care and FINALLY achieve the health, curls, and confidence you desire.

Without the wasted time, struggle, or confusion!

What does a pharmacist know about hair care?

Beyond my ability to dissect the big words and understand ingredients, my intimate knowledge of the facts enables me to deal with the “complexities” of natural hair care, dispel the myths, and empower you to succeed on your natural journey.

Knowing where to go to get the facts and how to break them down seamlessly so that you can understand makes me excellent at what I do! The clinical skill and the know-how that I have developed over the last 15 years of breaking down the complex with facts and making things simple. That’s why this comes so naturally to me.

And, did I mention I’ve been where you are and had the same struggles, insecurities, and frustrations. Now, I know exactly what it takes to change the trajectory of your natural experience and empower you to get the curls, freedom, and curl care confidence you desire.

It’s my pleasure to assist you in removing significant barriers to your success and give you the tools, support, and access necessary to confidently and comfortably master natural hair care.

So, yeah, I’m qualified, and I’m ready and willing to give you the tools you need to succeed on your natural journey!

Book a discovery call today!

Book your discovery call today and learn all the ways I can help you make natural hair care EASIER!


In these sessions we’ll work through embracing your curls, identifying problem areas, building the foundational knowledge necessary for success, and developing a plan to successfully meet your curl care needs!

Learn Simple Strategies To Make Natural Hair Care EASY!

KurlTalk Curl Care Sessions

Ready to make the transition to intentional curl care? My KurlTalk Curl Care sessions are exactly what you need.

Over the course of 4 sessions, I’ll empower you to realize the beauty and potential of your curls, become intentional about their care, and confidently and comfortably manage your natural hair.

What is a Kurltalk Curl Care Session?

I’m glad you asked!

A KurlTalk Curl Care session is my signature approach to helping you make natural hair care easier! A service with me includes education and training on how to care for your curls and manage your hair in a way that will help you build confidence, save time, and simplify your natural hair routine.

While my single sessions are great way to troubleshoot problems, the KurlTalk Curl Care Bundle is what you need if you want consistent training to cultivate and perfect the skills necessary to confidently and comfortably care for your curls.

In this four-week coaching session we will:

  • Address mindset and limitations to success
  • Help you understand more about your specific curls
  • Empower you to become more intentional with product selection and creating a regimen that is right for your hair.
  • focus on technique and consistency with your curl care regimen
  • Address any issues you may encounter surrounding application knowledge and remaining consistent on your natural journey.

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