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Handling Natural Hair Insecurities Part 2

Curlfriends we’re back and ready to overcome our natural hair insecurities. Last week we started with tangible steps you could take to help you feel more comfortable and confident when rocking your natural hair. If you missed them, check them out here.

This week we’re attacking these insecurities at the root as we empower our minds to deal with the thoughts that drive us to be insecure about our hair.

While I wouldn’t say our insecurities are primarily in our minds, I would say that the messages we receive and the stories we tell ourselves play a significant role in the way we feel about our hair. The best way to overcome these thoughts is to change the narrative. 

If you’re ready to launch a full-out attack on your natural hair insecurities, strengthen your fight with the steps below.

Visualize a positive outcome and plan to reach it. 

We primarily feel insecure when we imagine a negative outcome or negative things about our curls. Let’s stop this and become more proactive about creating a solution instead. More than imagining a positive outcome, consider the tangible steps you can take to improve things. Take inventory of what’s going right and create a plan of action to achieve what you desire. You’ll discover that more things are possible. So, when you’re feeling unsure about your natural hair, take a minute to visualize what it would look like to achieve your hair goals. Not the unattainable goals based on someone else hair, but the actual attainable goal that becomes a reality with consistent, intentional work. Make a habit of this. Learn to use the power of planning and positive forecasting for your benefit.

Realize that your insecurity is largely hidden from the world. 

When you’re feeling insecure about your natural hair, remember that only the people you’ve shared your insecurity with can tell. Many times, they don’t feel the same way as you do. The rest of us usually don’t have a clue. Many of us are looking at you, wishing we could move with an ounce of your confidence. So, when you’re feeling insecure and embarrassed, thinking that everyone can tell you’re insecure. Remember, it’s not true.

Remember your best moments and learn from the bad ones. 

No natural journey is the same, but I would say that even the most dreadful experiences had some light moments. Valuable lessons come in many forms. Use your past to your advantage. Remind yourself of your best moments and most incredible triumphs, and use the not-so-good moments to learn and course-correct. Do this as often as necessary. Hold on to the good situations. Lean into the bad ones. Use all your experiences on your journey to becoming comfortable and confident with your natural hair.

Take control of your curls and your natural journey 

No one ever said you had to allow yourself to be limited by your negative thoughts. You can choose to ignore your insecurities and act boldly despite them. There is power in pushing through and pursuing your best curls despite your insecurities. Overcome your negative thoughts with positive ones, and always remember that knowledge is power!

With the proper steps, overcoming your natural hair insecurities is something any curlfriend can do. The steps I’ve laid out for you will help you address things that make you feel insecure and empower you to become more confident.

Practicing them routinely helps you create room for success as you become more comfortable with your natural experience. Learn more about your hair, become intentional about curl care, and begin viewing yourself and your insecurities from a new perspective. These small steps will have huge and lasting effects on your natural journey and ultimately help you make natural hair care easier!

Ready to completely change your natural experience? Let me help you! I’ve fought this insecurity battle and come out victorious. I know what it takes and would love to be a trusted source for you. Work with me one on one or download my eBook and get the tools, support, and access you need to save time, build confidence, and make natural hair care easy!

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