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Self-care For Your Best Natural Hair Part 1

Hey curlfriends, what would your natural journey be like if you treated your natural hair like you treated others? 

Your attitude towards your hair shapes your daily reality on your natural hair journey.

When you are kind to your curls, you build strength and resilience and become empowered to set appropriate goals and learn from missteps intentionally. You may even find that you’ll become an inspiration to others when you love your curls wholeheartedly. 

If you’re ready to boldly display your natural curls and be intentional about their care, here are some ways to help you let go of judgments, value your natural hair more, and practice self-care for your natural hair.

Take care of yourself. 

Eat well. Rest well. Work well. Do the things that your body requires to produce your best self. Self-care is an integral part of loving yourself and your curls. You can’t expect your curls to be their best if you aren’t your best. So, take the time to address all your needs as you focus on creating your best curls.

Invest in yourself. 

What will it take for you to become the person you need to be to create the curls your desire? More consistency, knowledge, patience, or practice? Maybe all of them or something entirely different.  Discover what type of person you need to become to achieve your hair goals and work towards becoming them.  This doesn’t always require you to spend a lot, but it will require some honest self-reflection and intentionality.

Change your self-talk.

 Do you speak harshly to yourself or think harshly about your natural hair? Switch to words and messages that will encourage and inspire you on your natural journey. Evaluate the messages you’re receiving and tell yourself about natural hair care. Eliminate any false narratives and resources that make you think less of your natural hair.

Normalize imperfection. 

Pursuing your best curls does not culminate with perfection. You will not reach a point on your natural journey where you will wake up, and everything will be perfect. Your curls will shrink, your styles will fail, your sets won’t always last, or curls always look perfect, and that is ok!

Stay connected. 

Find a trusted source and surround yourself with a well-informed community that encourages you to embrace your curls, appreciate where you are on your journey, empowers you to be intentional about curl care, and normalizes progress (not perfection) on your natural journey.   

Remember, your attitude towards your hair shapes your daily reality on your natural hair journey. It’s time to start practicing self-care for your natural hair! Start with improving your attitude toward yourself. Invest in yourself and become the person you need to be to get the results you desire. You can start taking these steps RIGHT NOW and be well on your way to letting go of judgment and valuing your natural hair more! 

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