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Back to Life: What to Do When Your Hair Is Damaged

Have you ever experienced hair damage? What were your immediate thoughts and solutions for how to bring your hair back to life?

For some of us, the techniques and methods we used to “Repair” our hair were often the result of misinformation, the cause of further damage, or the reason we may still struggle.

Hair damage is preventable, but when DIYing it with our natural hair, even some of our best intentions can result in hair damage. That color we’re just dying to try, the fresh silk press for a special occasion, and even our protective styles can all be sources of hair damage.

If you happen to find yourself thinking, “oh, what happened to my hair!” Don’t fret. You’re in good company. The great news is there are some simple things you can do to get you back on track. This week we’re taking a closer look at some of these things and exploring ways to breathe life into damaged hair.

The more you know

A common saying in the medical community is “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The same is true in hair care.

When it comes to hair damage, if we take the time to learn these things, we could save our self both heartache and hair loss.

  • The essential elements of your hair  – This information is vital and will set the tone for the decisions you make about the products and practices you incorporate into your hair care routine.
  • Your limitations – There are some things we just can not do ourselves, find out what theses things are, and seek professional guidance to achieve the looks you desire.
  • The overall health of your hair  – how healthy is your hair in its current state? What styles or processes should you avoid, and what things could you focus on to maintain or promote healthy hair?
  • Haircare practices that promote the health of your hair – Learn what things you should do to improve the health of your hair and do then consistently

When done correctly and consistently, knowing these things will help promote and maintain healthy hair and reduce the risk of hair damage.

That’s great sis, but my hair is damaged

Now that we’ve covered the things that we should be doing let’s take a closer look at some of the things we can do should we find ourselves on the wrong side of healthy hair.

Hydrate your hair

Hydration is the process of adding water to your hair strands. In many cases, a lack of moisture in conjunction with other unhealthy habits is what lead to your hair damage in the first place. Routinely cleansing the hair with a suitable shampoo will help increase the moisture levels of your hair and have you on your way to healthy hydrated strands

Deep condition regularly  

It is important to note that deep conditioners or conditioners, in general, will not permanently repair hair damage. They can help to temporarily fill in any damaged areas of your cuticle layer and serve as a cosmetic fix for the feeling of dryness or appearance of damage.  In addition to this, conditioners also provide much-needed nutrients for your hair and help to moisturize the hair strand.  

Let it go

For most of us, this option is often the last resort. In many cases, it could benefit us to be the first.  When done in conjunction with the other steps, cutting your hair helps to prevent the spread of damage. It also creates a fresh new start for creating the healthy hair you desire. The great news about hair, especially in a healthy state, is that it always grows. When taking the appropriate steps, you will realize this sooner than you think!

Be patient

This damage did not happen overnight y’all. It is going to take some time to get the results you desire. It is important to remember that there are no magic pills, and there are no shortcuts. Consistently incorporating healthy practices setting realistic expectations, and avoiding those habits that caused damage in the first place will be the mainstay of rehabbing your hair.

For more information on hair damage and simple ways to improves the health of your hair, visit us today, and let’s get started on your healthy hair journey!

In the meantime, be patient, be consistent, and focus on bringing your hair back to life!

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