Natural Hair Insecurities

Handling Natural Hair Insecurities Part 1

Are you ready to wear your hair out, or is there something stopping you from being comfortable and confident with your natural hair?

I know the answer, and if you’re reading this, you probably know it too. The good news, I’m here to help you get more comfortable!

So, let’s address the problem together.

We aren’t born insecure about our curls. Still, we manage to master the art of becoming insecure about our hair somewhere along our natural journey. It’s a shame because our insecurities rob us of happiness and limit our progress on our journey. Natural hair insecurities prevent us from enjoying our natural hair and achieving the best for our curls. They also cause us to constantly compare our hair, become susceptible to accepting misconceptions, and create unattainable goals.

Sadly, many curlfriends will have at least a few insecurities about their hair. Luckily, these insecurities can be minimized with effort. To minimize your natural hair insecurities and pursue the best for your curls, check out the list below.

Fight fiction with facts

The best way to deal with insecurities is to eliminate them. You can attack your natural hair insecurities by fighting fiction with facts. Knowledge is power. The more you know about your curls, the more secure you can become about their appearance and care. Instead of listening to the negative chatter brought on by your insecurity, learn the truth and let it guide you as you care for your curls. Need a great resource to help you build knowledge about your curls? Start here

Remember that no one cares

Now, this may sound harsh, but when you take a beat to consider it, you’ll realize that no one is focused on your insecurity the way you are. All insecurities come from a fear of being judged in some way. If you know that most people are battling their insecurities rather than thinking about you or your curls, you’re one step closer to being free! I know people have opinions, and they occasionally voice them unsolicited, but what you know about your curls will always trump what they think. 

Have a trusted source

The internet is full of opinions, old wives’ tales, and misconceptions about natural hair care. Listening to them will feed your insecurities about your hair.  Find a trusted source that will tell you facts about natural hair care, help you better understand your curls and the proper way to care for them, and empower you to simplify your curl care routine and make natural hair care EASY. (Not to toot my own horn, but if you’re here, you found one). People like me in places like this will, tell you the truth and encourage you to do what’s best for your curls. When you’re struggling, go back to your trusted source. They can provide the facts and support you need to move forward on your natural journey.

Stop comparing your curls to others

Comparison is a significant confidence killer and a driving force behind many insecurities. It is one thing to admire someone’s curls, but something entirely different when you use them to assess your level of success and the beauty of your curls. Learn to grant yourself some grace and appreciate and nurture what you have as it becomes what you desire. Your best curls will only be obtainable when you stop comparing yourself to others, become intentional about curl care, and remain consistent.  (To be continued…)

Successfully overcoming insecurities on your natural journey relies heavily on the truth and how much of it you know. I challenge you to examine what you know about natural hair care. How has that knowledge impacted your level of insecurity with your natural hair?

Wherever you are on this journey, you now have simple steps you can use today to overcome insecurities. The best part is I’m not done! Stay tuned for part 2. Next week we’re exploring the mindset shifts you need to put your insecurities to rest!

Ready to attack your insecurities with fact? Let me help you! I’ve fought this battle and come out victorious. I know what it takes and would love to be a trusted source for you. Work with me one on one or download my eBook and get the tools, support, and access you need to save time, build confidence, and make natural hair care easy!

Handling Natural Hair Insecurities