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Hated It! Lessons Learned from My Worst Salon Experience Ever.

A while back I wrote a piece on how to hit the stylist jackpot. Well, today I’m sharing the absolute WORST hair experience I’ve ever had. EVER!!!! And the lessons I’ve learned that helped me find an amazing stylist and establish a solid relationship based on education and trust.

“There were tears. I mean real ones and hurt feelings that lasted for weeks.”

Blissfully Optimistic

I started my natural journey with limited knowledge on how to actually take care of my own hair. Completely transitioned, I had maintained my hair through the TWA phase and I was looking for someone to help me manage and maintain my hair as it continued to grow out. Taking the suggestions of some people in the area and after some basic research, I decided on a stylist.

My first encounter in the salon was fairly pleasant. Despite the fact that the online persona was significantly more glamorous than reality, I was able to get in with the stylist I wanted, get a cute tapered style, and leave happy.

When I was not natural , it was fairly easy to book an appointment. Having been removed from the salon scene for a while, I quickly realized that that was no longer the case. The stylist I had chosen was fairly popular and traveled. Ultimately, this meant it is virtually impossible for me to get back in her chair and I need (wanted) to get my hair shaped up before the weekend. Unfortunately, if I wanted to get my hair done, I could either wait until she was available or select from the stylist pool at the salon.

“This is funny to me now, but at the time it was tragic. I mean seriously tragic. She was HORRIBLE!! I mean beyond horrible. Like seriously I should have just left.”

I Should have waited

Well I didn’t want to wait (big mistake) so I agreed to work with another stylist who, I was assured, was equally awesome and could handle my request. This is funny now, but at the time it was tragic. I mean seriously tragic. She was HORRIBLE!! Beyond horrible. There are no words to describe it. Seriously, I should have just left.

Damon Wayans as Blaine Edwards in ‘In Living Color’

Tragically, I stayed (fatal mistake) and despite all of the warning signs I let her butcher my hair. All I needed was to have the sides and the back taken down a little and then an edge to finish it all off. I walked out of there looking like Blain Edwards. Without any reservations, I can assure you I HATED IT!

Needless to say, I couldn’t get out of there fast enough! I cried all the way home, cried once I saw my husband, and fought back tears anytime someone made comments about my hair. Not wanting to go away empty handed, after I had time to mull it over, I realized that I had learned some valuable lessons. Things that I carry with me in hopes to never make the same mistake again.

Lessons Learned
Lesson #1: Check receipts.

If I had been more thorough in my online research, I would have checked reviews, both good and bad, to see what the clients were saying. I would have also been intentional when looking at pictures. Don’t get caught up on the beauty of the styles. Most of the pics on the site were not styles I wanted. If it’s not what you’re looking for. Move on.

Lesson #2: Don’t settle.

I had already begun to build a rapport with the other stylist. If she wasn’t available, I should have waited. Hopping in the seat with whoever is available doesn’t always work in your favor. If you know who you want to work with and the look you’re trying to achieve, don’t settle!

Lesson #3: Speak up.

Always be upfront and articulate when expressing your needs and desires for your style. Don’t be afraid to say no or push back if you don’t agree. Most important: if it doesn’t feel right, just leave. They may be offended, but you will be happier in the end.

Sorry, there are no picture to share (I didn’t take pics until my hair grew out), but if you check out the picture above, you will get the idea of what a hot mess I was. For most of us on this journey, we are hard pressed to trust our strands to anyone else for the specific reason I shared in this story. Don’t be. There are great curly stylists out there – I just happened to pick the wrong one.

I have learned a lot from this experience, and hopefully you will too. Whether you’ve hit the stylist jackpot, are working through your own, “Hated It!” experience, or are just here for a laugh, comment below and share some of your lessons learned while on this journey. I would love to hear them. Until next week, Go Boldly!