Transitioning to Natural Deodorant

The Pits: Helpful Tips for Transitioning to Natural Deodorant

Nowadays, there are several options for odor prevention. The rise of awareness concerning ingredients in your products has created an avenue for “natural” and “organic” alternatives to just about everything, to be created. I’m not knocking it. It has been a driving factor in the choices I make concerning hair care, and now it has even seeped into other aspects of my life.

Today, I’m sharing part of my experience with natural deodorants and how I was able to successfully (after some trial and error) make the switch. Now I know this post isn’t hair related, but I figured since I’m exploring all things natural, why not.

If your experimenting with natural hair has inspired you to explore other ways to introduce safe products into your healthy hygiene practices or if you’ve been curious about ways to transition to natural deodorants, you may find this helpful.

Why I chose to switch

I first began my journey into the world of natural deodorant shortly after my aunt’s diagnosis of breast cancer. Several studies were suggesting a link between the risk of breast cancer and the use of commercial deodorants containing aluminum. While there is some conflicting evidence and more research still needs to be done, I chose to evaluate my risks and try to take control of the ones within my reach.

Enter Natural deodorant.

Natural deodorant’s claim to fame is that it doesn’t contain the harmful chemicals (primarily aluminum) that clog your pores and result in an abundance of toxins taking residence in your skin. This influx of toxins (theoretically) increases the risk of breast cancer and other skin related issues.

It is important to remember that any chemical (even natural or organic ones) can cause skin reactions, so you must do your due diligence and research ingredients in any deodorants before use.

I have been experimenting with natural deodorant for about three or four years now. So far, I have discovered that baking soda does not agree with my skin, which has made this process a little challenging since most natural products usually contain this ingredient. Antiperspirants contain aluminum, so if you make the switch, you can expect to sweat. Most importantly, you can not base your expectations for odor and sweat protection off of life before natural deodorant.

Switching to “natural deodorant” is an entirely different ball game friends! One that requires a little bit of patience, a whole lot of confidence, and a double portion of grace.

If you have decided to ditch the commercial alternative and take the more natural approach to odor control, here are a few tips that I think may be helpful.

Don’t let the honeymoon period fool you

Often, once we decide to change, we jump right into using a natural deodorant without giving our pits time to detox. Quitting cold turkey is normal, and it is what I did. Still, please remember those initial stellar results you experience may be related to the residual effects of your previous commercial deodorant use. It will take time for your body to rid itself of the reserve of chemicals and may take you a few weeks to realize the difference.

Natural Deodorant is not an antiperspirant

If you are looking for sweat and odor control, you’ve come to the wrong place. Natural deodorant is just that, a natural alternative to odor control. If you plan to stay the course, invest in pit pads or other moisture-wicking options, to use in conjunction with your deodorant, that helps to catch the sweat, trap odor, and keep you dry.

Prep your clothes

Commercial deodorants can leave behind residue, even with adequately laundered clothes, that hold odor. These may not be evident when you’re using commercial deodorant, but trust me, you will notice after the switch. So, when laundering, treat those pits to remove all residue and give yourself a fresh starting ground.

Shave regularly

Hair traps dirt and oil from sweat that can contribute to odor. Do yourself a favor and remove those pesky hairs periodically to help maintain freshness.

It’s OK to have a little odor

Maybe I should say scent. No, you should NOT be funky, but your body will not necessarily be lacking its natural body odor. Chances are you are the only one who can smell it. As long as it’s not overwhelmingly potent, then you should be OK. For excessively warm days or days I might expect to sweat more than usual, I will use pit pads, and carry wipes to refresh.

Switching to a natural deodorant can be a daunting task and is not for the faint of heart. It may require some trial and error before you find your fit. Once you find what works for you, you’ll realize that it’s worth it.

I had been through several options before I found the one. Then, after a year of use, I discovered that I was reacting to one of the ingredients. I have since moved on and am currently very pleased. Created by a physician who understands how odor can make you insecure, my current favorite, doesn’t contain any baking soda, lasts long, has been holding me down for over a year! To find out what I trust on my pits, click here.

Until next week, stay fresh, be fly, and GO BOLDLY!