natural hair hang-ups need to know

Part 2: Natural Hair Hang-ups & What We Need To know

I’m back with part two of natural hair hang-ups, and as a bonus, we’ll take a look at some simple things we all need to know.

So, what are some of your biggest natural hair hang-ups? If you were here for part one, you would probably remember that we covered some pretty common things that threaten to shift our focus from the things that matter. If you missed it or need a refresher, get caught up here.

Now, let’s take a closer look at more of the common natural hair hang-ups and the things we all need to know!

More natural hair hang-ups to let

The LOC method – Hydrated curls are essential and a sign of the overall health of your hair. However, the LOC method is not an acceptable way to increase the moisture levels of your hair. The excessive use of oils will create the illusion of health but work against your efforts to create healthy hydrated strands. To learn more about hydration and moisture and ways to improve the health of your hair, click here.

DIY hair masks – This may or may not be a concern for you, but if you’re spending a significant amount of time and money creating DIY masks, you could send that energy elsewhere. Though useful in theory, these masks are ineffective at providing substantial benefit. Nutrient-rich foods are most effective when consumed or formulated into quality products. To learn more about why and straightforward steps you can take to improve your hair’s health, click here.

Growth oils and hair growth accelerators – Big beautiful manes are a goal for many naturals. As a tightly coily girl with fine strands and medium to low-density curls, I completely understand. Unfortunately, there are no short cuts to growth. Genetics, coupled with doing the right work, creates an environment that will allow your hair to flourish. To learn more about things you should do to create a healthy environment for growth, click here.

Haircuts – Trims are necessary, big chops are freeing, and shape gives all styles dimension and life. Our aversion to haircuts poses threats to our hair’s overall health and our level of satisfaction on our natural hair journey. The secret to length retention may lie in a much-needed trim. We must first be willing to lose a little to maximize our hair’s full potential. To learn more about the benefits of letting go, click here.

What we need to know

A great starting point for anyone on their natural journey is with the key characteristics of our hair. When we begin with a solid foundation, it is a lot harder to get distracted. These essential factors will also help us to make more informed decisions and prevent the hang-ups that may arise concerning the decisions we make for our natural hair.

Consider familiarizing yourself with your hair and its fundamental characteristics. When coupled with other key factors such as lifestyle and climate, you can begin to make intentional and informed decisions about your hair and its needs. Some of our hang-ups can be trivial. When armed with facts concerning natural hair care, the more trivial hang-ups lose their power. To get the tools you need for success, and to become more informed about natural hair care, visit Bold Kulture Beauty!