Your hair is clean

Dirty Curls: Simple Ways To Tell If Your Hair Is Clean

How do you know if your hair is clean?

I’ve talked at length about the importance of shampoo and why a clean scalp is essential for meeting your hair goals.  In the era of pre-poos, low poos, no-poos, and co-washes, have you ever stopped to consider if the methods you’re using to “cleanse” your scalp are working? If you’re using alternatives to shampoo religiously, are you sure your hair is clean?

For many naturals, the stigmas surrounding shampoo have led them to co-wash only routines or some variation that probably isn’t getting the job done. If you’ve historically skipped shampoos, used co-wash only routines, go weeks without shampooing, and you’re curious about how to tell if your curls are clean, You’re in luck! Today we’re looking at simple ways to know if your hair is clean and why shampoo is essential for healthy curls

Why shampoo is the answer

Let’s start with this fact: shampoo is essential. I’m sure some of you are thinking, “I co-wash and my curls are poppin’,” or  “I go weeks without washing, and my hair thrives”. Co-wash only routines will initially give you the results you desire. The issues arise after weeks of this being your only method of cleansing. Then, you discover that your once poppin’ curls are dull, lack definition, and dry. The culprit is product build-up. The cause, the products you’re using and the inability of your shampoo alternative to cleanse the scalp and hair thoroughly.

Shampoo’s superpower lies in the fact that it is designed to cleanse away all the build-up that weighs your hair down. A clean scalp and hair strands, compliments of the right shampoo, are the secret sauce your hair needs to bring your curls to life. The next time you hop in the shower, consider these telltale signs that will let you know if your hair is clean or if it’s time to grab the shampoo.

Your Curls will pop                                                      

A big misconception is that the secret to curl definition lies in the products you use. While products and styling techniques can influence how your curls show up, this sentiment is not entirely true. Your curls come alive when your scalp and hair are clean. A telltale sign that you have removed all the excess dirt and products from your hair is curls that pop. Saturated in water & free from all the things that weigh them down, clean coils will give you a sneak peek at your hair’s authentic surface texture. They also show the formation of your curls and the level of definition you can create with the proper technique and right products.

Your shampoo will lather

Much like washing your hands, your initial pass with shampoo will not always generate a lot of suds. I know in the era of low lather shampoos, you may think this is not relevant, but the reality is that even low lather products will produce some suds when washing, especially if the hair has been properly cleansed. If you’re like me and like to shampoo 2-3 times in your wash day process, this is an excellent indicator that the products, dirt, and oils have been cleansed away.

Your hair will respond better to products

Have you ever thought that your favorite product is no longer working? Questioned why the product that you have used religiously is no longer creating the curls and look you desire. The answer is simple; your hair is dirty. It is Buried under layers of products your shampoo alternative did not thoroughly wash away (and in some cases deposited). Your curls aren’t able to adequately respond to the extra layer of product you are applying.  If your styles are frizzy, you think your hair is dry, and you’re questioning your porosity; it is time to grab the shampoo.  With clean strands, the proper techniques, and the right products, you can achieve the look and definition you desire.

Your hair will more readily absorb water

Much like responding to products, hair that is buried under layers of products and dirt can’t readily absorb water. We often assume that our hair is low porosity, when in fact, it could just be dirty. Shampooing the hair exposes the cuticle layer. It allows the cuticle to lift, and invites water into the inner layers of the hair strand. Drastic changes will not happen overnight. Consistent cleansing will create an environment that helps to improve the moisture levels of your hair.

The fact remains that shampoo will always be a winner for healthy curls that pop. When caring for and styling your hair, the consistent use of shampoo empowers you to achieve the health and definition desired. Stop half stepping when it comes to your curls.Learn how and when to use the right shampoos and the telltale signs for clean, healthy hydrated curls that pop!