curls gone from fab to drab

Curls Don’t Live Here Anymore

Have your curls gone from fab to drab?

What happens when your curls have been poppin’, and suddenly that definition begins to fade. Your once beautifully defined styles have now gone from fab to drab. You start to wonder if your hair has become immune to the products you’re using, and you begin to seek out all kinds of remedies and solutions to bring your curls back to life.

You’re searching YouTube. Trying new products, and nothing is bringing lasting results. You’re about 30 seconds away from another big chop, and you are desperate for a solution to your vanishing curls. Sound familiar? If your answer is yes, you’re in luck! Today we’re taking a closer look at simple solutions to revive your drab curls.

Universal usefulness

No matter where you are on your curl definition journey, I guarantee this information will be useful. If you’re struggling to realize definition, your curls have gone from fab to drab, or you’re preparing to start your natural journey, you’re going to want to know this.

The next time you’re staring in the mirror wondering what happened to your curls, ask yourself the following questions:

Is your hair dirty?

Curl killer number one  – dirty curls. Now I know there is a lot of talk about what dirt does for hair growth (I’ll address that in another post), but one thing it will not do is bring your curls to life. Co-wash-only routines do not adequately clean your hair and scalp and often leave behind residue that results in lackluster curls. Step one in bringing your curls back to life is to wash away the dirt. So, grab your shampoo and get ready to revive your curls!

Are your products too heavy?

Curl killer number two – product build-up. The foundation for most natural hair routines is a cream, oil, or heavy butter. Many assert that these items are the key to definition and hydration. Sadly, they are not! While these products create a look and feel of health, they also cause product build-up and block your hair from receiving moisture. If you answered yes to question one,  chances are that product build-up contributes to your curls’ dirtiness. Lucky for you, you already know the solution. The trick here is to make sure you thoroughly cleanse away the build-up to reveal your hair and get them curls poppin’.

Are your curls dehydrated?

Curl killer number three – dehydrated curls. Clean, hydrated curls are the foundation for success on your natural journey. You probably don’t want to admit it, but your answer to this question is yes as well. You have consistently done a series of things that lead to dirty, dehydrated curls. The result,  your once poppin’ curls have now gone from fab to drab. You’ve created a vicious cycle, and every new product, cream, or oil you add pulls you further from your goal. Hydration starts with water, and the first thing you’ll need do is get your curls clean (see a pattern here, lol)

Your definition problem stems from misinformation, poor product selection, and an aversion to shampoo. Now don’t get me wrong, other factors can affect how your curls show up (you can find out more about that here). Still, if you don’t address the main issues, all other efforts will be in vain. So once the shock wears off, grab the shampoo,  and take the first step to bring your curls back to life!

The right steps paired with the proper techniques create curls that pop, styles that last, and hair that thrives. To discover what it takes to master your natural journey and get the tools you need to succeed, visit Bold Kulture Beauty!

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