Realistic Expectations for Natural Hair

Let’s Be Real: Setting Realistic Expectations for Your Natural Hair

This is our moment of clarity, a lot of our frustrations about our hair stems from the fact that we are basing our expectations off of someone else’s reality and not our own. We’ve all been there and some of us are still living there, but that doesn’t have to be your reality anymore.

Today, I am hoping that I can help you focus on your own hair care and the reality of its needs; not unfounded expectations based off our desire to meet hair goals that don’t align with our genetics or the key characteristics of our hair. If you want to get real and start setting realistic expectations for your natural hair journey, check out these key steps to help you get started.

Realize that genetics plays a large part in how your hair will look, feel, grow, and react to products

Maybe she’s born with it…

Yes, sis. She definitely is, and there is not much you can do recreate it for yourself. It is fine to appreciate a beautiful head of curls and even to let them inspire you. We tend to go wrong when we set goals and expectations based of what we see and desire without taking into account how genetics has played a role in our desired looks.

Genetics can affect all aspects of hair from thickness and length to texture and curl diameter. There is not one key characteristic of hair that our genetics does not have a hand in determining.  Now, don’t get discouraged. While we can’t jump back in the gene pool, we can use what we know about or own genetics and the key characteristics of our hair to our advantage.

It’s a lot easier to work with what you have when you know what you’re working with. What does that mean? Simply put you can create the beautifully healthy curls you desire if you focus your energy on finding out what works best for your hair and its specific needs.

Focus on you own hair and stop comparing yourself to others

The best way to eliminate some major frustration on this journey is to stop comparing yourself to others. The allure to envy what others have is ever present. In fact, even I have the tendency to look at someone else’s crown and wish that my hair could mimic a portion of their amazing results. Early on in my journey, I would have even asked what products they used in hopes that I could unlock the secret to longer, fuller, more beautiful hair.

Now, I am no longer caught in the viscous cycle of trial and envy. The difference is, I now know that there are no shortcuts to getting what I want when it comes to hair care. Instead of comparing myself to others and wishing I could, I began to focus on what my hair’s needs were and the steps I needed to take in order to meet those needs and allow my hair to flourish.

When we learn to be happy with our own hair, we can eliminate the burden of comparison and the frustration it causes when we are constantly trying to create something that doesn’t align with the characteristics of our hair. No two journeys are the same. No two heads of hair, no matter how similar they may appear, are the same. You journey is you own. The faster we realize these truths, the easier it will be to focus on our hair and its needs

If you need advice on how to set realistic expectation and approach your natural hair are with a positivity first perspective, Bold Kulture Beauty offers online consultations to help you reach your destination.

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