wash day failures

Lesson Learned From My Wash Day Fails

Question of the week: Has a popular product ever let you down?

Yes, Yes, Yes! On my natural journey, I have experimented with several different products. In the process, I have experienced many wash day fails. Experience has taught me that not every popular product will meet my needs, not every perceived failure is due to the products, and even when it doesn’t work out, there is value in the experience.

Often tempted to toss the “failed” products and move on, I resist this urge and decide to give it a few more tries.  I have realized that throwing out a “ failed” product cost me more time and money and hinders my ability to improve my styling techniques.

Thoroughly examining where I went wrong and using that information to improve has worked well for me. It has helped my styling technique, made me more aware and intentional about the products I choose, and caused me to reconsider how I care for my hair.

In addition to the key points I shared in my latest blog, here are some of the things I like to ask when I experience wash day fails:

What’s in the product?

I am learning that certain things don’t work well for my curls or pair with the products I use routinely. I ditched heavy oils, creams, and butters a while ago, but I am also learning that certain ingredients in gels are a big no for me. Understanding the key characteristics of my hair, setting realistic expecting for my hairs performance, and taking my climate and lifestyle into consideration has made a big difference in my success on wash day.

Did I use enough water?

When perfecting my styles, I used to think that adding more products would give my best results. This practice did not turn out to be the case in many of my wash day fails. The key ingredient that was always missing as more water. Learning how to perfect the product water balance in my styles has been a game-changer. Unless otherwise directed, I aim to achieve hair weighed down by water and always listen for the “squish.” This method helps to create more definition, decrease flakes, and improve the longevity of my styles.

Did I work in sections?

I know some have mastered the art of applying products without working in sections, that is not currently my gift. I know that to distribute products throughout my hair evenly, I need to work in sections—medium ones for the best results. When applying my styler, I’m making sure every inch of my hair is covered and that my styler is smoothed into my strands repeatedly. To get a better look at my application technique, click here

Things to Look for:

Styling my hair in the shower is my current practice. Still, I found that using a mirror is beneficial to identify areas that may need more attention. Signs I need to fix something:

  • Webbing or poorly defines areas – this may be an indication that I need to add more water. My go-to before adding more products is to add more water.
  • Frizzy or puffy roots – things to consider: how well did I shampoo, or should I add more water? Product build-up will affect the way your hair responds to a styler even when wet. When build-up is not the issuer, the product water balance usually is.
  • Tangles  – The presence of tangles may suggest that it is time for a cut, or I could need to add more products and water. Stylers will help reduce friction and tangles in the hair, but damaged ends will hinder your success.

Being able to assess the health of my curls and knowing what to expect based on the essential elements of my hair helps me to differentiate between when my hair needs TLC rather than a quick technique fix. Consistency, troubleshooting, and patience give me the confidence required to master styling and reduce the occurrence of wash day fails.

For more great tips on ways to a successful wash day and a healthier, happier natural hair journey, visit Bold Kulture Beauty