big let down

The Big Let Down: Things to consider when your new styler fails

Has a popular product ever let you down?

Our favorite brands have been busy! It seems like everywhere you turn, a new product gets released or a new brand launched with more intriguing products to try. I know we’re all eager to try the latest and greatest, but what happens when you feel that new product is a big let down?

Are you team ”give it another try,” or do you toss it out without a second thought? Before you toss it, have you considered that you may be the problem and not the product? Do you know the steps to take to help reduce user error?

If you’re looking for ways to reduce user error or you’re tired of products missing the mark, you’re in luck! Today we’re taking a closer look at simple things that you should consider to reduce user error and prevent the big let down.

Maybe it’s you

Not all products will meet your needs or give you what you desire. Knowing when and how to decipher what doesn’t work from user error is vital. Before completely giving up on that new product, consider these following things:

Is your hair clean?

Dirty hair does not respond well to new products. Co-wash only routines will not give you the clean pallet needed to produce your best results. The next time you decide to try a new styler, make sure you grab the shampoo first.

Did you follow directions?

Manufacturers do a great job of telling you how to use their products. They will also recommend products to accompany your styler for the best results. Before you try a new product, make sure you read the directions and follow them.  Should your hair be wet, damp, or dry? Should you diffuse, sit under a hooded dryer, or air dry? All of these things make a difference in the success of your style. Does this product work best alone or in conjunction with other products as a styling system? The manufacture has already thought of these things and will usually point you in the right direction for success.

Are you using the correct styler?

Sometimes we’re just choosing the wrong product. Before selecting a new product, consider your goal for the style you’re trying to achieve. What level of definition and longevity are you trying to create? Are there issues with your hair are you hoping to address, and how will this styler assist you?  What type of climate (humid vs. dry) do you live in? All of these factors will come into play when selecting products to generate your best results. Choosing a product with the appropriate level of hold and knowing when and how to use it will ensure success.

Did you use the product alone?

I am guilty of combining and layering products. While this technique has proven to work in my favor, I have learned that sometimes it is better to use a new product alone. This allows me to see how my hair will react to my new product and reduces the risk of failure if the products do not pair well. Resist the urge to combine the product you want to try with the stylers you use religiously. Some products don’t pair well with oils or heavier products in general.  Unless designed to work as a styling system, skip the extra creams, oils, and gels and allow the product to work how it should on its own.

Have you mastered your technique?

Products can only do what they’re supposed to when used correctly. How are you applying your products? Are you comfortable and confident in your styling and application techniques, or are you expecting this new product to make all the difference? Before discounting a product, ensure that you have consistently mastered and are comfortable with your styling technique to generate the best results.

No product will be everything to everyone. There is always a possibility that the latest and greatest product might be a big let down. However, If you have historically trialed products on dirty hair, paired multiple products together, or not given those new products a fair chance, then your issue may be user error. Before you toss your new products, get the tools you need for success and learn to master your styling technique at Bold Kulture Beauty!