hair expectations align

Curltopia: When My Hair & Expectations Align

Question of the week: Are your expectations for your natural hair experience realistic?

If this natural journey has taught me anything, it would be what it means to love yourself and have a positive self-image. Strong images in the media, big brands, and the never-ending quest for an ideal curl type make it hard to keep the expectations of your natural hair on track.

Fortunately, I’ve learned some facts about hair care, my hair, and myself. Now my expectations align with my hair’s reality and its unique characteristics, allowing me to let go of the following things.

The desire for perfect curls

My hair is not perfect. Healthy, yes. Polished, yes (at times). Thriving, yes, but perfect, it is not. The expectation of perfect anything carries a weight that I have no desire of bearing. Learning to align my expectations with my hair’s unique characteristics gives me the freedom to let it be and enjoy my hair as it evolves in the process.

Curls perpetually void of frizz

Frizz happens. While I don’t expect it to be significant at the initiation of my set. I have learned to expect and accept it as my style progress. The good news, when I let go of the weight of perfection, I was able to embrace the beauty of my styles as they age and evolve.

Expecting a silky surface texture

Once I learned some vital things about my hair and how it should look, feel, and behave, it was east to let go of this expectation. Though not silky or shiny, my curls’ healthy sheen is an excellent sign that my hair is well taken care of and flourishing.

Expedited anything on this journey

Like anything else in life, this natural hair journey is a process. There are no skipping steps for growth, health, definition, or length. Learning to align my expectations for progress with the reality that these things take time and consistency relived significant stress and disappointment.

Things I’ve learned to expect

Hair grows. Genetics and lifestyle will significantly affect the rate and extent of growth, but my hair will flourish if I treat it right. Treating it right means remaining consistent and incorporating healthy hair practices into my routine. It also requires acknowledging that I must know some vital things about my hair to properly align my expectations.

I have learned to expect more of myself and how I care for my hair. I now realize that the results rely on me knowing the facts and doing the right work.

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