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Simple Tips for Overcoming Natural Hair Stigmas

What are some common stigmas you battle concerning natural hair care?

It’s messed up that the hair that grows out of our head is considered something to stigmatize. Societal and cultural misconceptions have created an environment that often makes being yourself feel difficult.  The pressure to have a particular hair type, look professional and show up flawless has made way for unrealistic expectations, insecurities, and an inability to embrace our natural hair where we are.

The good news, those stigmas aren’t your problem, and you don’t have to carry that weight anymore! If you’re ready to embrace natural hair care to the fullest extent, you’re in luck! Today we’re taking a closer look and simple ways to overcome natural hair stigmas and embrace your natural hair.

Social Stigma: disapproval of, or discrimination against, a person based on perceivable social characteristics that serve to distinguish them from other members of a society.

People’s opinions of your hair are no longer your problem. If you’re ready to overcome natural hair stigmas, start here!
1.Know you hair

The best way to take your power back and overcome natural hair stigmas is to know your hair. When you understand how your hair should look, feel, and behave, you won’t succumb to misconceptions or popular opinions concerning your hair and what is inappropriate. And you can overcome the natural hair stigmas that stifle your progress.

2.Set realistic expectations

Equipped with knowledge, you no longer have to chase standards set by others. Ultimately, all hair is not silky; tight curls are beautiful, and shiny is not all curl’s typical appearance. Your journey to fully embracing your curls relies heavily on knowledge of the facts and setting realistic expectations. Do yourself a favor, set realistic expectations, and let those based on uninformed stigmas go!

3.Know your preferences

If polled, we could pretty much guarantee that most of us were confident about what we do and don’t like. Haircare is unique because many of the things we “prefer” are based on what others implied were acceptable. It’s hard to break away from the standard, but when you know better, it’s a lot easier to overcome stigmas and decide for yourself what you like and what’s appropriate.

4.Drown out the noise

What matters most on this journey is how you feel about your hair. You can’t develop an appropriate appreciation for your curls if you are always seeking approval steeped in misconceptions. When you take the time to explore steps one through three, you’ll know how to set realistic expectations for your hair. And set personal preferences based on the intimate facts learned about your hair and how to care for it. Negative words, misconceptions, and natural hair stigmas will no longer have power.

Grant grace to imperfections

Our social reality has done a great job of showing everything in the best of light. This alternate universe contributes significantly to the ongoing need to be or look perfect. Let this be your permission to show up how you are where you are right now.  Give yourself the grace to grow, expand, and improve. The healthiest of curls didn’t develop overnight, and I guarantee they aren’t always poppin’ either. Grace makes everything better. Grant yourself some as you work through the process of overcoming natural hair stigmas.

Embracing your natural hair and overcoming stigmas is a process, but the facts are still the facts. Once equipped with them, it is a lot harder to accept the foolishness that others concoct to make you uncomfortable. Let your voice be the loudest as you overcome stigmas and establish what is right for your curls!


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