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Hello world!

We are Bold Kulture Beauty. Who is that and where did you come from? well, I’m glad you asked. We are the bold beauties with curly hair types ranging from wavy to kinky. We are chic, stylish, confident, urban, suburban, funky, eclectic, and everyday people dedicated to quality products. Products that promote confidence and self-love. We were looking for the ideal consumer experience, geared toward our hair care and beauty needs and when we couldn’t find it, we decided to create it ourselves.

Understanding the need for self-representation in beauty, we are dedicated to helping others embrace their natural beauty through the use of image positive minority developed hair care and beauty products. We are here to serve other beauties in the curly hair struggle, increasing exposure to and accessibility of quality natural hair care and beauty products .

We provide a safe welcoming environment for the consumer directed at embracing, not exploiting, the minority consumer and their hair care needs. We are owned and operated an African American woman who actually cares about quality products and quality hair care. We are the consumer and we are here for the consumer. So rock with us and together we can all be great!!!

We are coming soon to an e-commerce and retail spot (Orlando area) near you!!!

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