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What To Expect on Your Natural Hair Journey

What do you wish someone would have told you before going natural?

Are your expectations for natural hair care not aligning with your current reality? Is your natural journey not hitting like you thought it would? With the number of hours you’re clocking to care for your hair, this whole natural thing is starting to feel like a full-time job. This is not what you signed up for, but you didn’t know what to expect either.

Why didn’t anyone tell you about the marathon wash days, product overwhelm, styling challenges, and frustration that can accompany this journey? Honestly, It’s because they did know either. In reality, natural hair care doesn’t have to be so complicated. If you’re confused, overwhelmed, or tired and you want to know what to expect on your natural journey, you’re in the right spot! Today we’re exploring what to expect when taking a simplified approach to natural hair care

A need to embrace your curls

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that this journey brings with it a little self-doubt. Rocking your natural curls in a society that struggles to embrace and understand diversity is challenging. It becomes more challenging when our understanding of and expectations for our hair are skewed. It may bother you at times, but remember your why. Learn all you can about your curls and their needs. Set realistic expectations, and most importantly, embrace the beauty of your curls and rock them! 

A shift in your way of thinking

The change from the current way of doing natural hair care to a more simplified approach can be challenging. You’re going to need to take a minute to get reacquainted with your natural hair. This transition requires dispelling some myths and learning some facts about natural hair care. Come with an open mind because you can expect to have many of the things you “thought” you knew challenged.

To reevaluate what you’ve been doing

We have been fed some severe misconceptions about natural hair care. Our expectations are unrealistic, and our understanding of what it takes to care for our hair is off. If you want to struggle or continue struggling on your natural journey, stick with the old way of thinking. If you’re ready for a better way of doing natural hair care, evaluate what you’re doing and remove what isn’t serving you.

Intentional work

No stranger to working, you’re probably used to doing the absolute most to your natural hair. You were spending hours on your hair multiple times a week, making things in the kitchen, or even salvaging styles that didn’t entirely turn out right. This is not the work I’m referring to. Intentional work brings with it a certain level of ease, relies on facts, and helps you meet your hair’s needs.

The need for practice, patience, and grace

Mastering a style and achieving your hair goals takes time. If you want to succeed on this journey, you can expect it to require some time to execute your techniques correctly, improve your hair’s health, and achieve your desired look. Every day won’t be perfect, but grant yourself some grace.   With time and the right work, your curls will flourish.   

One key thing no one told you is that struggle is NOT a given. They couldn’t because many people are still struggling themselves. Lucky for you, I can help! Let go of your old way of thinking  and visit Bold Kulture Beauty to get the tools necessary to simplify your natural journey