Seeing your curls for real

Why Seeing Your Curls For Real Is So Important

Have you seen your curls for real?

Our natural journeys can become unfairly complicated and burdensome. Riddled with misconceptions, others’ opinions, and weighty insecurities, we inherit the baggage that is “the natural hair experience.”

The problem? Much of what we desire on this journey is not rooted in us seeing our curls for real. This leads to unmet goals, spending excessive hours on your hair, and begs the question, have you seen your curls for real? Seeing your curls for real is an integral part of the natural experience, and today we’re taking a closer look at why? 

Seeing your curls for real

What does it mean to see your curls for real? A critical question that is often never addressed, seeing your curls for real, is required if you’re going to embrace them. It involves clean hair, acceptance of the facts, and embracing your hair’s reality and unique characteristics. Sadly,  It is often a necessary step on our natural journeys that we willfully neglect.

The ugly truth

Many of us struggle with natural hair care because we can’t or refuse to see our curls. Our Ideals and goals rest on the aesthetics of “pretty hair” and have been a consistent point of contention on our natural journeys. Simply put, we’re living in two different realities; one of denial, which includes our hair’s actual characteristics, and the other where our unaligned hair goals and aspirations lie. The latter leads to frustration, overworking, and unmet goals. Unfortunately, most of us weren’t given a choice of which reality to choose. And when given a choice, many still prefer the struggle.

Why it matters?

Well, you can’t care for something you can’t see, can you? You’re basing your choices, product selections, and how you care for your hair on something that often isn’t your reality. Then you wonder why you can’t get what you desire for your hair. Seems crazy, right? Sadly, this is what you’re currently doing, and admittedly, something I have done in the past as well. I can tell you from experience that it doesn’t lead anywhere pleasant. Most importantly, failure to see your curls for real prevents you from doing the necessary work of embracing your curls and finally getting what you desire out of your natural experience.

The good news

Seeing your curls for real is the first step to embracing your curls. It brings with it all of the benefits of natural hair care and less of the struggle. And it is easier than you think. If you’re ready to see your curls for real, embrace them, and become more intentional about natural hair care, you’re in luck! I’m here to help you do just that! Visit Bold Kulture Beauty today, begin your journey to intentional hair care, and get the tools you need to succeed!

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