Dry Hair

What’s The Deal With Dry Hair?

Is your hair dry? How do you know?

A common complaint among naturals is dryness. Some of us spend the entirety of our natural journeys chasing a certain level of hydration or moisture without really knowing the difference between the characteristics of our hair and hair that is truly dry.

Admittedly, in a lot of cases, when people believe their hair is dry, it is. Still, some can’t tell the difference. If you’re curious about dryness, ways to identify it, and how to care for your hair, you’re in luck! Today we’re taking a closer look at dry hair and how to achieve healthy hydrated strands.

The characteristics of dryness

Dry hair can have many different characteristics. In most cases, dry hair can appear frizzy, lacks elasticity, seems dull, and will often be unmanageable or lack definition.

How does adequately hydrated hair look?

Hydrated hair should be relatively elastic, lack frizz, will have definition, and be reasonably manageable. The appearance of hydration can depend on the characteristics of your hair. Your hair’s key elements will dictate if your hair will have a shine or a sheen and how smooth to touch it should be.

Why do I think my hair is dry?

We often base our assessment of dryness strictly on appearance. For many, the lack of shine is an indication of dryness. Hydrated hair, with a surface texture that allows for shine, will shine. If your surface texture doesn’t lend itself to a shiny appearance, you can not use this as an indicator of dryness.

Also, coarse surface textures are rougher to the touch than some other textures, which is normal.  Assessment of your hair based on these characteristics alone could lead you to assume your hair is dry when it is not. The key is to have a proper understanding of how your hair should look, feel and behave so you can better assess for changes in hydration levels.  

 Activities that can perpetuate dryness

Let me be clear. When we assume our hair is dry, in many cases, it is. But not for the reasons we think.  Evaluating our hair’s health and hydration requires that we take a close and honest look at how we care for our hair.

  • What type of products are you using?
  • Is your hair chronically buried under dirt and product build-up?
  • Are you dehydrated?

When we Indulge in practices that perpetuate our hair’s dryness, we can create an environment that breads dehydration.

What should I do?

The solution, in most cases, is often easier than we think.

  • Learn more about your hair
  • Understand that hydration levels are fluid – your hair will lose moisture over days, and this is ok
  • Realize that the primary source of moisture is water
  • Resist the chronic use of heavy moisturizers, creams, and oils that block the absorption of water
  • Cleanse and condition your hair regularly
  • Drink more water
  • Be patient!

Cultivating healthy, hydrated strands is a process. One that does not change overnight. Consistency with proper care, eliminating activities that perpetuate dry hair, and being familiar with your hair’s characteristics will make it easier to achieve your moisture goals.

To learn more about ways to end the cycle of dryness and successfully master dry hair, visit Bold Kulture Beauty!