succeeding natural journey

Yes, It’s Possible!

Why are we opposed to succeeding on our natural journey?

Just because you haven’t experienced it, it doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

I get it. Our current approach to natural hair care has conditioned us to believe that certain things are law when they are not. It has also made us closed off to possibilities that seem outside of our reach or understanding.

Your curls can thrive without the excessive use of oils. Tight coils can achieve definition, shampoo is beneficial, and natural hair care can be easy!

I realize that before we can succeed on our natural journey, we must first undergo a significant mindset shift and open ourselves to the possibility of success.  So today, I’ll share with you exactly how I hit a hard reset on my mindset and the tools I used to usher in success!

Stop debating the facts

Some things about natural hair care are just facts. Our aversion to the facts doesn’t change the reality of that truth. Evaluating how I cared for my hair, I realized that some of the things I was introduced to on my natural journey were not True. Yes, I  accepted them, and I was loyal, but it was to a fault. My hair wasn’t thriving, and hair care became a chore.   Frustrated at my stagnancy and inability to achieve what I desired for my curls, I had to check myself about the facts. If I wanted to usher in success, I need to follow a blueprint that didn’t negate the facts.

Learn what you don’t know

No one wants to learn that they are uninformed about something, especially when they think they know the truth. I thought I knew some things about natural hair care, and on the surface, I did. A deeper look into the information I absorbed revealed that much of what I knew opposed facts and shifted my focus from what mattered most.

If I wanted to be successful, I had to get past surface-level knowledge, misconceptions, and information that didn’t serve me on my natural journey. I needed to develop an intimate understanding of my curls and use that information to be intentional about care. It wasn’t complex or nearly as complicated as I thought it would be. The right resource made learning the facts about natural hair care easy and helped me alleviate unnecessary stress and become intentional about hair care.

Become intentional

Knowledge without proper application is not helpful. Now that I had an intimate understanding of my curls, I had to become intentional and consistent if I wanted to succeed. Well applied knowledge, consistency, and the right work made all the difference for me. It’s one thing to want better. Taking the actions to create better is where the results happen.

It’s not that serious

I needed to chill. Natural hair care had become heavy. Consuming a significant amount of my time, my curls became a constant focus when they didn’t need to.  Did I want healthy curls? Yes. Were my curls and how I presented myself important to me? Yes. Still, the investment of my time and thoughts was far more significant than it needed to be. Embracing my natural hair was supposed to be fun. Somewhere along the line, it had become serious, overwhelming, and confusing. Acceptance of the facts, learning what was missing, and being intentional helped change that.

I’ve told you exactly what it took to hit a hard reset on my natural journey. Now, I’d like to equip you with the tools to make it possible. If you’re ready to make natural hair care easy, It Could All Be So Simple is the only place to start!

Let go of misconceptions about natural hair care, develop an intimate understanding, and get intentional about your curls. 

If you ever thought success on your natural journey was not a possibility for you, allow me and my tight curls to prove you wrong! Visit Bold Kulture Beauty, purchase It Could All Be so Simple, and say hello to success on your natural journey!

succeeding natural journey succeeding natural journey succeeding natural journey