Reach Your Healthy Hair Goals

5 Things to Stop Now to Reach Your Healthy Hair Goals

When it comes to natural hair care, we tend to do the absolute most in the name of reaching our healthy hair goals. Frustrated, we often wonder why complicated routines and extensive hair regimens are getting us nowhere.

The answer is simple. We are doing way too much, focusing our attention on the wrong areas, and experimenting with practices and products that are not a part of healthy hair care. While some things may be helpful, the key to meeting your hair care goals is not in many of the practices that we hold to religiously.

It’s time to take a step back, evaluate what we’re doing, and let go of what does not work! This week, get ready to eliminate the unnecessary and approach a more simplified way to healthy natural hair care as we explore five things you should stop now to reach your healthy hair goals.

Don’t shoot the messenger

Listen, I know we are tied to so many rules, rituals, and routines labeled as law in the natural hair community. The truth is, some of these things have no factual basis, are not moving you closer to meeting your hair goals, and are a great source of frustration and disappointment.

I get it; I am resistant to change and have difficulty letting go of familiar things myself. My advice, keep an open mind and allow the possibility of success to guide you as you eliminate these five things to reach your goals.

1. Worrying about hair typing

One of the biggest hangs-up we have is wondering what our hair type is. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen or heard this question. Not designed to address your hair’s specific needs, the hair typing chart relies purely on aesthetics. 

Wildly popular, this classification system offers minimal benefit outside of its intended use. To successfully manage your hair, you need to know specific details about your hair and it’s needs. Focus less on your hair type and more on its unique characteristics and needs that drive intentional hair care.   

2. Using a cup of water to determine porosity

Knowing the porosity of your hair may prove helpful in some cases. But we’re using the wrong techniques to determine it. Placing your hair in a cup of water is not reliable. There are too many factors that lead to incorrect results.

For starters, the surface tension created in a cup of water often inhibits our hair from sinking. Hair with significant build-up will float.  And chemical processes and our favorite products can also affect the perceived porosity of our hair. Determining the porosity of your hair requires the elimination of these limiting factors to be effective. So, ditch the cup and pay more attention to how your hair behaves as you care for it.

3. Neglecting your hair

We can neglect our hair in several ways.  Overuse of occlusive products, extended periods in alternative styles, and creating undue friction/stress on our hair are just a few. It’s important to be mindful of what we do to our hair and how we do it. When cared for properly, our hair thrives. Failure to consistently and appropriately care for your hair sets you up for failure.

4. Following advice not based on facts

There is a lot of information available about how to manage your natural hair. Not all of it is accurate, and not all of it is factual. Beautiful curls and product claims often drive our decisions on the products and practices we incorporate into our hair care routine. Before you get swayed by aesthetics, do a little background research and determine if the products and methods you subscribe to are sound. Popular advice does not always = good advice. Learning this fact allows us to use it to your hair’s benefit.

5. Doubting the process

Caring for your hair requires intentional work. Be consistent and trust that when you do right by your hair, it will perform accordingly. It takes courage to break away from what’s familiar and comfortable. Still, trust that doing intentional work will pay off. The good news is, it will. It may take some time, but when armed with sound advice, we can fully commit to and trust the process of properly caring for our natural hair.

Natural hair care can be easier. We don’t have to have to overwork or waste time investing in things that hinder our progress. Taking these five simple steps is a great start. If you’re ready to solidify your success and reach your healthy hair goals,  my eBook, It Could All Be So Simple, is exactly what you need!

Take control of your natural hair experience, visit Bold Kulture Beauty today, get your copy of It Could All Be So Simple. And say hello to natural hair care made easy!  

It Could All Be So Simple
It Could All Be So Simple
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