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The Key to Curl Definition

Are you struggling with curl definition?

Imagine finding out that you are why your curls haven’t reached the level of definition you desire—then learning that achieving curl definition can be as simple as changing how you care for your curls.

Well, that’s what happened to me. I was shocked to learn that what I desired for my curls was on the other side of my bad habits and poor decisions about natural hair care. Realizing this fact changed everything for me.

I know I’m not the only one who struggled in this way. It’s not lost on me that achieving curl definition is an issue for you as well. That’s why today, I’ll share with you exactly how I discovered I was my curls’ worst enemy and the tools I used to create an environment that allowed my curls to thrive!

Doing way too much

Natural hair care routines can be extensive. There’s pre-poos, co-washes, DIY masks, oil treatments, multi-step process, and the list goes on and on. Still, despite all of your efforts, your curls aren’t showing up. Sound familiar? Well, I’ve been there too.   

Are you perplexed at why your favorite products are coming up short? Maybe you think your hair has become immune to the products you love. Before you entertain the idea of trying a new product, consider the fact that your hair is buried under all those products.

The wake-up call

My curls were in distress. Each new product brought with it big claims but delivered very little. On top of that, my curls seemed to get drier and less defined.  Frustrated, I had to consider that my actions were the cause of my pain. Somehow I missed the memo that products alone weren’t the answer.

The solution

I needed to take inventory of how I cared for my curls.

  • Water (check)
  • Products (check)
  • Co-wash (check)
  • Deep conditioner (check)
  • Oils (check)

I thought I was doing everything right until I realized that my hair was suffocating. Buried under dirt and build-up, my curls weren’t thriving because they weren’t clean. Yes, I had a wash day routine, but it wasn’t sufficient to cleanse away the layers of oil and products that kept my curls from showing up.   

Aware of what I was lacking, I took action, created a consistent cleansing routine with shampoo, ended my cycle of dryness, and watched my curls come alive.

Understanding the necessity for clean curls was just the tip of the iceberg. Learning how to cleanse my curls properly, care for them, and be intentional with product selection was the game-changer that created an environment that allowed my curls to thrive.

I can tell you what it takes, but showing you exactly how to achieve it and giving you the tools to make it possible is where success lies. I’ve got the tools and techniques for success, and I want to share them with you.  If you’re ready to create the definition and health you desire for your curls, Wash Day 101 is all you need.  

Join me on wash day to learn my exact steps and techniques for healthy hydrated curls. I’ll demonstrate, in detail,  what it takes to create a successful and effective wash day, end the cycle of dryness, and create healthy hydrated curls that pop.  

If you ever thought curl definition was not a possibility for you, allow me and my tight curls to prove you wrong! Visit Bold Kulture Beauty, join Wash Day 101, and say hello to the health and definition you desire!

Wash Day 101
Wash Day 101