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Fresh Start: 3 Ways to Be More Intentional

Showing up for your curls in a way that doesn’t involve being overworked and under fulfilled requires the right work. If you’re ready to be more intentional on your natural journey, you’re in the right spot! Today I’m sharing three proven ways to focus on what matters and become more intentional on your natural journeys!

Now, being more intentional on your natural journey is a process that requires the right mix of letting go and realigning your focus. To be more intentional and breathe new life into your hair care routine, start with these simple steps.

1.Stop chasing products claims

Products are a necessary part of natural hair care. They are tools we use to help create the environment required for our curls to flourish. Some product claims, however, keep us focused on aesthetics without considering what our hair needs. Don’t get distracted by products claims. If you want to be more intentional, take the time to learn your hair’s specific needs. Then, select products to meet those needs. The result – realistic expectations and healthy hair that supports the definition, longevity, and look you desire.

2.Stay away from trends

If we’re honest, we’ll have to admit that we’ve seen some crazy hair care trends over the years. Washing your curls with Dawn, sweet potato hair mask, vagisil, miconazole, and blue magic, it’s amazing some of us still have hair! If we’re going to be more intentional about natural hair care, we have to move away from trends and stick to facts. The truth, healthy hair doesn’t require all of that. Most of these trends were more harmful than helpful. Save yourself time, money, and frustration, and get back to the basics of natural hair care. Intentionality brings a certain level of ease that can’t be found in popular trends. So, please do yourself a favor and let them go.

3.Let go of comparison

Comparison is the number one killer of progress and can lead to several assumptions. It’s hard to embrace your curls fully and appreciate your progress when you’re comparing the curls you have to curls you think might be better. Spoiler alert, there are no better curls than yours, just curls that are different than yours. And while these curls may be aesthetically pleasing, several factors contribute to the way they show up.  Some you can’t reproduce, and others you wouldn’t want to. If you’re going to be more intentional on this journey, resist the urge for comparison and double down on learning about and addressing your hair’s needs.

Being more intentional is easier when we know where to place our focus. Starting with these three steps can drastically change how you show up for your curls and your level of enjoyment on this journey. For a fresh start and renewed intention, begin with these three steps and visit Bold Kulture Beauty to get the tools, support, and access necessary to confidently and comfortably master natural hair care!

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