Enjoyable Natural Hair Experience

10 Steps To A More Enjoyable Natural Hair Experience

We all want a more enjoyable natural hair experience. Very few of us know what it takes to achieve it. What if I told you that achieving what you desire from your natural experience is not only possible, but you could start today! Before more ideas of complicated routines and marathon wash days flood your mind, let me assure you that getting what you desire for your curls requires none of that.

Doing things the same way and expecting new and better results has gotten us nowhere. That’s why this week, I’m sharing ten simple steps to a more enjoyable natural hair experience.  Keep reading if you ready to enjoy your natural experience and finally get what you desire for your natural hair!

Mindset matters

We often think change occurs when we take a series of actions. While change does require effort, we have to address our thinking before seeing lasting beneficial Improvements. The most effective way to change the trajectory of your natural hair experience is to get your thoughts in check. A more positive outlook should spur you to action. Motivate you to stay committed to those actions and encourage you to let go of some of the things that were mentally holding you back.

 For a more enjoyable natural experience, consider these simple steps to help you address your mindset, become intentional about care, and view your natural hair experience with fresh eyes.

1.Believe it’s possible.

It’s easy to accept the narrative that natural hair care is challenging. It is the most frequently spread opinion about natural hair care. There are thousands of posts and memes dedicated to the struggles of managing your natural hair, but very few highlighting the fact that it can be an easy and enjoyable process. Push through the negatives, believe it’s possible, and get down to the business of caring for your hair.

2.Grant yourself some grace.

Rome was not built in a day, and neither is perfect hair. Spoiler alert, the goal is healthy hair, not perfection.  Chasing the idea of perfect curls causes unnecessary stress. Moving with intention and achieving healthy hair is and should always be the goal. We will never get it all right on the first try. This journey is a process, and we’re all learning and improving as we go.  So, grant yourself some grace and enjoy the ride.

3.Focus on yourself.

If we look for it, I’m sure we can always find someone with “better” hair than our own. We shouldn’t look for it. Many inherited and external factors contribute to how a person’s hair will look, feel, and behave. If we constantly compare our hair and our journeys to everyone else, we will undoubtedly find something to be discouraged about. Seeking tips and advice is fine, but we must know how to use the information we consume and determine if it applies to our hair’s specific needs. Focus on yourself, learn your hair’s unique characteristics and needs, and be intentional about meeting them.

4.Learn about your hair.

No list would be complete without this. If you’re going to be effective on your healthy hair journey, you must know some fundamental things. Learn them and then apply that knowledge to your healthy hair experience.

5.Set goals.

We’re here, now what is it you’re trying to achieve—mastering your signature style? Growth? Length retention? Maybe all of the above. Whatever it is, put it at the forefront of your mind, affirm it daily, and utilize what you’ve learned to achieve it.

6.Drop the excess baggage.

When becoming more intentional, you will learn that some products and practices are no longer serving you. Once you do, let them go. These things will only complicate your journey, waste time, and add stress. We don’t want that; let them go!

7.Be consistent.

You’ve learned what to do and how to do it correctly. Now, do it and do it often. If your outcome is less than ideal, learn from it, and make it better. Ask yourself what went wrong and how can you adjust to create better results in the future. No matter what, keep going, and eventually, you’ll get the results you desire.

8.Practice patience.

This journey is not a sprint, and results don’t often happen overnight. It takes time to learn, improve, and grow. Even when you’ve learned to simplify your routine, your hair is continually growing and evolving. Being intentional, practicing, and mastering your signature style, eliminating significant hindrances, requires discipline and patience. Be mindful of this fact, and remember to record your milestones and take pictures often to realize your progress.

9.Celebrate the wins!

When you manage to reach a milestone or achieve a goal, celebrate it! Pushing through the negative and being intentional about your hair is worthy of a celebration. Celebrate the wins, big and small. Highlight the ease and beauty of keeping it simple and watch how it changes the negative narrative surrounding natural hair care. 

10.Rock it!

Have fun, and enjoy this journey. We tend to take our hair and our journey far too seriously. Remember what you love about your natural hair and why you chose this path. Let your curls live and Go Boldly while you’re doing it!

I hope you’re feeling charged up and motivated to pursue a more enjoyable natural experience. You and your curls deserve it! Choosing to be intentional, focusing on achieving healthy hair, and doing the work that comes with it is a big deal.

Remember, a severe shift in your thought process and the breaking of old habits is a must.  Luckily, you’re ready for most of the hard work; the rest is learning and applying the knowledge.  Take a minute to congratulate yourself on the fact that you are finally on the road to getting what you desire out of your natural hair experience.

While you’re making it happen, get the support,  access,  and tools necessary to comfortably and confidently master natural hair care at Bold Kulture Beauty.  Visit us today, and let me show you precisely what it takes to be successful!