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Fresh Start: Part 3 Refresh & Simplify

Refresh and simplify your natural hair experience

Three weeks into your refresh journey and things should start to feel a little different.  Getting honest about your expectations is more than enough to create a serious ah-ha moment. With a new perspective on what to expect from your natural hair experience, you can let go of some frustrations, eliminate the self-imposed burden of perfection, and start to grant yourself a little more grace on this journey.

You may even begin to reconsider some of the things you used to deem normal for your natural hair experience. Now is a great time to question the areas where you struggle, evaluate your time to wash and style your hair, and realize that this journey can be more accessible.

Perhaps you’re starting to believe me when I say that struggle is not a given on your natural hair journey.  

This week, we’re examining the final steps to refresh your natural experience and showing you how much easier natural hair care can be.

Ready for a fresh start

It should be clear by now that many of the things you practice religiously on your natural journey are no longer serving you. They have complicated your routines, blinded you to the possibilities, consumed our time, and perpetuated the struggle narrative.

With a more open mind and clear understanding of your hair and its specific needs, it’s time to move toward a more intentional approach to your natural experience.

1.Keep it simple

When we commit to embracing our natural curls, we inadvertently pick up all the misconceptions associated with it. Filled with hair typing, marathon wash day, elaborate hair care routines, homemade anecdotes, and skewed expectations, these factors can be a great source of discouragement and overwhelm. Well-meaning or not, these influences pave the complex path that is the typical natural hair experience.

Over the past few weeks, we discussed how questioning everything and reevaluating your expectations were necessary steps to start fresh on your natural journey. Now it’s time to remove the complexities and simplify your natural hair care routine.

Examine what you’re doing. If you know it’s not working, let it go! Remove everything that complicates your hair care routine, causes you to waste time, and hasn’t helped you reach your goals. If you are on the fence or unsure if something is benefiting you, chances are it’s not. I promise; there is a better way; you have to be willing to drop some things to get there.

2.Stay the course

It may be scary to let go of those familiar things you’ve ingrained into your natural hair experience; the struggle has become acceptable. The idea of simplicity may be enticing, but there is still some apprehension, and the allure to fall back into those old familiar routines is tempting.

The adjustment may be a little awkward, but Trust me, once you experience the freedom a refreshed and simplified routine brings, you won’t want to turn back. Stay the course, perfect your processes, and learn more about your hair and its specific needs. You’ll soon discover your goals are more attainable, there is less stress and frustration, and what you’ve desired for your curls is steadily becoming a reality.

Hitting refresh on your natural hair journey is a must. Your current approach to natural hair care keeps you bogged down by complicated routines, hours of trial and error and yields minimal results. The alternative, a simplified and complexity-free natural experience, is so much sweeter!

The great news, keeping it simple, has never been more straightforward! I’ve given you the steps. Now let me empower you to put them into practice successfully.  Visit Bold Kulture Beauty to get the tools, access, and support you need to drop the excess baggage,  gain a whole new perspective, and master natural hair care!.

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