Should I Do A Big Chop

Let It Go or Let It Grow: Should I Do A Big Chop

With a little extra time on our hands, some of us have considered taking the next steps on our natural hair journey. Many of you may be thinking this is an excellent time for me to start fresh and fully commit to caring for and maintaining my natural hair. For some of us, this may mean being more consistent with our hair care routine, and for others, this could be the time when we decide to do a big chop.

Having done a big chop a couple of times, I understand the level of commitment this decision requires, and I also appreciate the level of apprehension some of you may have with letting go of your beloved Strands.

That’s why this week, we are taking a closer look at the big chop and discussing why it may be an excellent next step if you’re looking to commit to your natural hair journey fully.

Our connection to hair

Listen, in our community, hair is a serious matter. It seems that from birth, we learn that holding onto any length of hair at all costs is the way to go. Regardless of its health or how it may look, if you have inches, your hair is golden, and you must preserve it at all costs.

Now I know there are some serious flaws in this way of thinking, but we can all agree that this has probably been our thought process concerning whether or not to cut our hair at various stages in our life. Our hair creates identity; it gives us comfort, confidence, and a sense of beauty. It’s only natural that we would be apprehensive about shedding it, especially when the constant narrative has been that long hair = beauty.

I understand the desire for long hair; I’m on a mission to grow mine out as I type this. I also understand that healthy hair is what will get me the look I desire, and sometimes that requires letting it all go.

Weighing your options

When it comes to transitioning to natural hair, we typically consider two choices. You can either cut it early in your transition process, or you can grow it out to a length that is comfortable for you and then cut it. Regardless of the decision, you will have to cut your hair at some point. Choosing that point may be difficult depending on your level of attachment to your hair, your level of confidence and comfort with short hair, and your ability to maintain your hair should you choose to grow it out.

Why an early big chop may be beneficial

If you’re committed to starting your natural journey, why not go all-in? Keeping your hair in limbo between being wholly natural and partially relaxed adds a lot of stress to your hair. While the length may give you comfort, the lengths we have to go to maintain a consistent looking texture is often not worth the stress that we’re adding to our hair.

Consider these things and then weigh the risks when you are choosing between the big chop and a lengthy transition:

  • You won’t see the true potential of your natural hair until the relaxed portion is gone.
  • The place where your natural and relaxed hair meets creates a weak point that can easily break.
  • Constantly straightening your hair or wearing protective styles for an extended period may be damaging to your hair.
  • Manipulating two textures results in excess damage.
  • The level of definition you desire is harder to see when working with mixed textures.
  • It is easier to manage (wash, detangle, style) your hair with one texture vs. the two different textures working against each other.
  • Saying yes to the big chop early on will allow you to embrace your natural hair fully.

Rocking two textures is not impossible, even I did it for a while. However, It does come with some drawbacks that may be damaging to your hair and sometimes additional struggle that is not necessary. Ultimately freeing your ends and allowing your hair to progress in its natural state has its benefits, but I understand that this decision can sometimes be a big one.

The decision is up to you

This article is in no way designed to force you to choose to cut your hair when you’re not ready. The choice is entirely up to you. Committing to rocking your natural hair, starting your healthy hair journey, and being comfortable with your hair is something you have to decide to do all on your own.

When you’re ready, Bold Kulture Beauty will be here, continuing to provide the tips you need to be successful on your natural hair journey. If reading this article gave you the boost you needed to make that decision, well, we’re here for you too. No matter what stage you’re in on your natural journey, with our help, you can walk away feeling beautiful and confident that knowing you have the tools needed to be successful when maintaining your natural hair!