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Is it time to audit your curl care routine?

Hey, curlfriends, is it time to audit your curl care routine? Do you even know what signs to look for?

Chances are, you may not. This is why so many struggle on their natural journeys. Inadequate curl care routines multiply frustration, confusion, and overwhelm but never yield the desired results. If you’re tired of overworking, failed styles, and hair that doesn’t seem to act right, it may be time to audit your curl care routine.

How did we get here?

You may be wondering how one gets to a place where what they’re doing for their hair isn’t working. Honestly, it’s very simple. Starting a new natural journey or navigating your existing one can be overwhelming. There are so many sources of information. Unfortunately, all these resources are not created equal. 

The most popular trends and information usually aren’t what’s best for your hair. Enticing trends, fads, misconceptions, and old wives’ tales are easy to fall victim to. Especially when everyone else is doing it, and everyone is saying this is what you should be doing. 

Unfortunately, following said information will ultimately get you to a place where your time has been wasted, your nerves have been shot, and your curls aren’t any better off than when you started. Even with the best intentions, we all (yes, me included) I’ve gotten to a place where what we were doing wasn’t beneficial, and we needed to audit our cruel care routines.

Signs it’s time to audit your curl care routine.

It’s very easy to assume that what you’re doing is working. Primarily because we’re often conditioned to believe that there is no easy way to care for your curls, the results you get are the results you’re supposed to have, and natural hair care is supposed to be a lot of work. 

None of this is true!

Here are some signs that it may be time to audit your curl care routine:
  • You’re spending hours on your hair
  • The health of your hair hasn’t improved
  • You have waterproof curls
  • You feel your hair is constantly dry
  • You are apprehensive about wearing your curls out
  • You think your curls are not as nice as others
  • You’re struggling to care for your curls
  • You believe your curl goals are unattainable
  • This journey and its rules are overwhelming
  • You’re held captive to your hair
  • You wish natural hair care could be easier

If you can relate to any or all of these things, it’s time to audit your curl care routine. 

How to audit your curl care routine

Unlike auditing your taxes, this process can be straightforward. It’s satisfying to eliminate things that aren’t serving you and replace them with something that will add value, save time, and make your natural experience easier.

Auditing your curl care routine isn’t only about changing products. While tweaking the products, you’re using can make a huge difference. It also involves addressing your level of consistency, intentionality, and commitment to becoming who you need to become to create the results you desire for your hair.

Here are some simple questions you can ask yourself as you begin to audit your curl care routine:
  • What is my current curl care routine?
  • Am I consistent?
  • How much time do I spend on my hair? (Weekly and daily)
  • Am I pleased with the results I’m getting?
  • Does the work I’m doing make sense?
  • Is what I’m doing backed by science?
  • Are my goals for my curls realistic?
  • Has the health of my hair improved?
  • Out of everything I’m doing, what is hurting me the most?
  • Out of everything I’m doing, what is the most helpful?
  • Do I want this process to be easier?

Asking these questions will help you to scrutinize what you’re doing, the messages and information you’re receiving about natural hair care and your level of satisfaction with what you’re currently doing. 

Your answers will direct you when deciding what things should be eliminated from your curl care routine, what items may be serving you well, and what things might be lacking.

Remember, be clear, be honest be intentional. Moving away from the familiar may be scary, but it will serve you better in the long run and ultimately make your natural experience easier.

Ready to make a change, or need help sorting it all out? No worries, I’m here to help you evaluate your current curl care routine and determine what is working, what needs to go, and what is missing. Visit Bold Kulture Beauty and get the tool, support, and access required to save time, build confidence, simplify your curl care routine, and make natural hair care EASY!

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