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Part 4: Natural Hair Hang-up & how to get focused

Y’all! This conversation is so great I don’t want it to end.  Our list is growing, and I thought it would be great to discuss some simple tips to help you get focused.

If you’re new to the discussion and want to get caught up, no worries, follow these links to read part 1, part 2, and part 3.

If you’ve been following along with the discussion and you’re ready to focus on what matters, you’re in luck! Today we’re exploring easy to follow steps to help you get focused!

In case you forgot

We’ve covered a lot since we first began. To keep some things fresh in our minds, let’s take another look at how we defined natural hair hang-ups and the simple step you can take to get focused. 

Natural hair hang-up (n): The seemingly essential things surrounding natural hair care that distracts us from what matters most. 

Getting focused on our natural hair journey requires that we take stock of what we’re doing, eliminate what’s unnecessary, and embrace what matters most.

Let’s get focused

The list of natural hair hang-ups could go on and on; by now, I think you get the picture. So, let’s consider some simple ways to get focused.  If you can agree that you’ve spent too much energy focusing on things that don’t matter, and you’re ready to get focused, start with the following steps:

Take inventory of what you’re doing: – are the things you’re doing necessary? Can you ascribe real benefit to them, or have they brought you closer to your healthy hair goals?

Fact check everything: It is tempting to accept all advice without first validating the source.  Is it true, supported by science, and does it apply to me and my hair’s key characteristics?

Learn the key characteristics of your hair: How can you successfully care for something you don’t understand? Take the time to set a solid foundation and develop an in-depth knowledge of your hair and its specific needs.

Don’t sweat the small stuff: some things on our natural hair journey are highly individualized. One size does not necessarily fit all. Embrace the essentials, stop comparing, and get focused on making your hair healthy!

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Achieving healthy hair

Let’s consider the steps we’ve mentioned earlier to move closer to what matters most. Among them lies an essential component to achieving the overall health of our hair. When we embrace these things, our ability to get focused on what matters most is more effortless. To learn more about theses critical steps to healthy natural hair care, click here

When we eliminate the natural hair hang-ups that often distract us and learn to focus on what matters most, we realize that natural hair care can be easier. To begin your journey to healthy natural hair, visit Bold Kulture Beauty, and let’s get started today!