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Part 3: Natural Hair Hang-ups & What Matters Most

We’ve been at this discussion concerning the most common natural hair hang-ups for a little while now. Throughout our dialogue, we’ve touched on an ever-growing list of natural hair hang-ups and discussed simple ways to let them go and get focused on what matters most.

If you need a refresher, follow the links below to get caught up:

How To Address Them

What We Need To Know

If you’ve examined your natural hair experience and you’re ready to focus on what matters most, you’re in luck! Today we’re building upon what we’ve already discussed and taking a closer look at the things that matter most on our natural hair journey.

Natural hair hang-ups

You might be wondering what makes something a natural hair hang-up. For clarity’s sake, let’s define it this way:

Natural hair hang-up (n): The seemingly essential things surrounding natural hair care that distracts us from what matters most.  

If you’re curious about what some of those things might be, check out the list below:

Finger detangling: It’s easy to build a strong case for why finger detangling should be the only means of detangling your hair. However, the reality is that tools help to make our processes more manageable and more efficient. In some cases, your fingers could be just as damaging (if not more) as using a tool. To learn more about normal shedding and the benefits of using a tool, click here.

Co-wash only routines: The stigma surrounding the use of shampoo is unfounded. No matter how amazing it may seem, a co-wash will not replace an actual shampoo’s benefits or necessity. To learn more about the benefits of shampoo and why it is essential for healthy natural hair care, click here.

Sealing your hair with oil: We give heavy oils and natural butters a lot of credit when it is not necessarily warranted. While these products will create a barrier around the hair strand, the result is not what we have been lead to believe. Excessive use of these products ultimately works against our desire for health and hydration. To learn more about how these products work against us and what to do instead, click here.

Learning what matters most

There can be some debate about what matters most to us individually on our natural journeys. Still, I would venture to say this entire discussion has proved that some of the things we’ve deemed essential aren’t that important at all.

So then, you might ask, what matters? On the most basic level, it is healthy hair. To maximize the health of our hair, we must be consistent and patient.

The health of our hair is the foundation of all other goals. Without healthy hair, we can not achieve our length, definition, moisture, or any of the other goals we might set. When viewed through the context of healthy hair, many of our natural hair hang-ups are no longer a factor.

While you can argue that many of our hang-ups are rooted in our desire for healthy hair, when we take the time to evaluate what we’re doing, we realize that some things take us farther away from this goal.

We often believe that focusing on what matters most requires us to follow an impossible set of rules and avoid deviating from them at all costs. Surprisingly it’s not nearly as complicated or restrictive as it seems.

There is so much more to share! Make sure you stay tuned for part 4 as we discuss the simple steps to regain your focus. For more great tips on straightforward ways to simplify your natural hair routine, visit Bold Kulture Beauty!