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Changing The Way We View Natural Hair Care

What are some good things you can say about your natural hair?

We have heard plenty of negatives, but when was the last time you took inventory of the fantastic things about your natural hair. I know that popular perceptions of natural hair have been negative for a while. Often conditioned to believe our hair is unprofessional, unruly, and unappealing, we chase ideals that ultimately lead to frustration and us doing entirely too much on this journey.

It’s time to change the way we view natural hair care. Times are changing. Laws are passing, and women rocking their natural hair is far more common. Sadly, even with these changes, we’re still stuck with some common misconceptions and falsehoods. That doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Today, we’re exploring simple truths we all can embrace to help change the way we view natural hair care.

It doesn’t have to be hard

It seems like we prefer struggling on our natural journeys at all costs. This shouldn’t be the case. The reality is that this journey is only as complex as we make it. With the right work and the proper perspective, we can completely change the way we view natural hair care. If you’re ready to let go of the misconceptions and falsehoods and embrace a new way of thinking, consider the following things.

Your curls are unique

Just like your fingerprint, your curls are unique to you. Several factors come into play to help formulate the essential elements of your curls. While they may appear similar to other curls you see, it’s important to remember they are unique. Your curls’ uniqueness dictates how your hair will look, feel, and behave and depends heavily on internal and external influences.

Comparing to others hinders your progress

Now that we’ve accepted our curls’ uniqueness, it is essential to remember that comparison is our worst enemy.  The same reasons that your curls are unique are the same reasons comparison will only hinder our progress. We can’t focus on achieving our goals if we are constantly distracted by what we “wish” we had. To find out more about where our focus should lie, click here.  

Investing in what you have creates what you desire

When we’re committed to focusing on the things that matter, we are better able to cultivate and nourish what we have. When we invest our time and attention into doing the right work and doing it consistently, we find that the thing we desired is the thing we’re cultivating. The work is not hard, but it does require commitment, patience, and openness to embracing the best practices for your hair and lifestyle.

All information is not useful information

When working to create what we desire, we have to become selective about the information we absorb. There are many resources available for natural hair care, not all of them useful, factual, or sound practices. We have to learn to separate fact from fiction. Letting go of popular misconceptions that plague our natural experience will position us for success on this journey.

Changing the way we view natural hair care is not hard. We have to be open to embracing the truths that can easily get lost in the sea of misconceptions and incorrect information. If you’re looking for a great place to start, let me help you! Changing the way we view natural hair care is more accessible than you think. Visit Bold Kulture Beauty and get the tools you need for success today!