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The #1 Question to avoid when you’re natural 

True or false: natural hair care can sometimes come with many questions. 

It seems like a trick question, right?

For starters, “sometimes” is an understatement, and questions are guaranteed! 

Experience has taught me that most of our curlfriends have questions about natural hair care. Their journeys are riddled with them. Some will get you where you need to be on your natural hair journey; others will be more hassle than worth. 

What if I told you that avoiding one specific question could get you closer to your hair goals?

Hard to believe?

Let’s consider your natural journey, the questions you’ve asked, or maybe the questions you were asked. 

How many of them helped you get to a better place on your journey (be honest)?

How many led you down a rabbit hole that ultimately ended in wasted time, failed styles, and frustration?

As we go through this journey, questions are inevitable. The struggle from asking the wrong questions does not have to be.

Curlfriends, today we’re addressing the question we should all avoid when you’re natural. Then, I’ll explain why avoiding this question will help you make natural hair care easier!

Avoid this question at all costs!

No need to drag this out. The sooner we address it, the sooner we can get to focusing on what’s necessary to help us make natural hair care easy. 

The number one question you should avoid is:

What products are you using?

The question we all love to ask is also the question that could be most damaging on our natural journeys.

I know it’s shocking now, but let’s understand why we should avoid this question.

What’s your motivation?

Our questions about natural hair care can stem from several sources. 

In most cases, you are on the hunt to create curl definition, combat dryness, or recreate a style. When we lead with this intention it will undoubtedly get us to the question, ” What products are you using?” Defaulting to this question blocks us from the fact that the answer will not benefit us.  

At first look, the question may seem harmless. After further inspection, we realize that this question rarely provides the desired results.

What’s wrong?

Asking this question never takes into consideration the following: 

  • Key characteristics of everyone’s curls 
  • Your curls specific needs
  • Genetics 
  • Technique
  • External factors
  • Their level of knowledge, experience, and intentionality 

Without considering all these factors, you will set yourself up for failure!

Your best bet?

Avoid the question. Focus on your curls, their key characteristics, aligning your goals, and maintaining the health of your curls. Without focusing on these things, products will be of very little value. Products are a tool, not the answer. They cannot give you curl definition, inherently make your hair grow faster, or eliminate dryness as you know it.  The sooner we release ourselves from trying to find solutions in a product and asking this question, the easier natural hair care becomes.

I understand that shifting your mindset around products and what’s important can be difficult. It is harder, though, to continue asking the questions you should avoid and prolong your struggles with issues like dryness, lack of curl definition, and length retention. 

Ready finally put those struggles to rest? Let me help you! Visit Bold Kulture Beauty today, schedule a discovery call, and let’s start you on your journey to saving time, building confidence, and making natural hair care EASY!