Curl definition

4 Reasons Your Curls Lack Definition & How To Fix It. 

I know you’re tired, curlfriends!

You’re tired of disappearing curls, styles that don’t last, and curls that never came to the party. Natural hair care is supposed to be effortless. It is natural, after all. Our curls are supposed to pop, and we shouldn’t have to work this hard for curls we can’t see. 

Sound familiar?

It’s the thoughts we all run through when our wash day curls disappear as soon as our hair dries. More water did not work, the conditioner was a lie, and the styler did not do what it was supposed to.  I know the pain of looking like “who done it” when your hair dries and throwing your hair into a traditional bun or puff because you have no other options. 

Let this be the last time you struggle in this way. Achieving curl definition is not as difficult as you think, and I’m here to show you why what you’ve been doing isn’t working and how you can fix it. 

What causes poor curls definition?

Why isn’t this working? The $1,000,000 question we all tend to ask when we can’t figure out why our curls don’t last or show up when we need them. We bought the expensive products, tried the miracle curlformers, and followed all the tricks and steps, but a well-defined style still seemed to escape us. 

If you’re struggling to achieve definition in your styles, here are some significant deterrents to your success:

  • Your hair is not clean
  • Your hair is not healthy or hydrated
  • You’re using the wrong products
  • You’re mixing products that don’t play well together
  • Your application technique and troubleshooting process are off
How to solve your curl definition problems.

Finally, a situation where we will talk about products! Before we get there, we need to address the elephant in the room. Products are not your hair savior. They’re tools we use to help us accomplish the styles we desire. Products in the presence of unhealthy curls, dehydrated hair, misuse, excessive buildup, or poor application are of no benefit.

Before you waste your money, resolve that your curls are nonexistent, or start the hunt for the next curl promising products; begin here:

  • Learn more about your curls
  • Cleanse your hair consistently
  • Make intentional product selections based on what you know and the style you desire
  • Practice, evaluate, improve, repeat

But wait, you wanted to know specifics, right? 

When we see defined curls, we always want to know what products were used. The answer is never that simple. Without the solutions mentioned above, the results won’t be any better. Don’t play yourself.   You now know what you need. Start today, stay consistent, and see what it does to the definition of your curls and your hair’s health! If you’re serious about achieving the curl definition, you desire and cultivating lasting results, visit Bold Kulure Beauty and let me help you! Success is not far! Let’s work together to help you achieve the curl definition you desire.