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The Facts That Changed My Natural Hair Journey

Question of the week: What is the biggest myth you’ve believed about natural hair care?

Hands down, one of the biggest myths that  I believed was that natural hair care had to be hard. I was convinced that having beautiful curls was directly related to the number of hours I spent on my hair. I had a morning routine, a nighttime routine, and a wash day routine that consisted of way too much work. Holding on to this misconception was one of the biggest hindrances of my natural hair journey.

I was spending too much time and energy on my hair. The worst part was all of my work was not helping me reach my natural hair goals. My hair was getting worse. All the time I put in was essentially for nothing.  All of my hard work was creating damage and dryness. Eventually, my routine became harder to manage; my curls were non-existent, and I was struggling to find answers to my hair’s problems.

If I would have stopped there, like most, I would still be struggling or eventually returned to a relaxed style. I, however, was determined to make natural hair care work for me.  

The facts

Luckily for me (and you), I was persistent, and I learned to be a little more practical when it came to my natural hair journey. The simple facts that changed my natural hair journey  forever were:

  1. Natural hair care could be easier
  2. Oil was not the answer to my hydration issue
  3. Product buildup was killing my curls

Understandably I was slightly shocked. These things were the opposite of what I thought I “learned” concerning natural hair care. I would soon find out that understanding and accepting these truths would help breathe life into my curls and my natural hair experience.

How facts changed my journey for the better

Learning these facts changed the way I approached my entire natural experience. I began to question the things I was doing to and for my hair, and I soon began to realize that some things just weren’t necessary.

Equipped with facts, I became more intentional about the products and practices that I incorporated onto my natural hair routine. I was able to eliminate both my daytime and nighttime routines, and wash day became way more efficient. The best part was my hair began to thrive. No longer working harder and now empowered with a clear plan on how to work smarter, I was starting to enjoy my natural hair journey.

If you’re ready to let go of some “ bad habits” and focus on the facts of natural hair care, you in luck! My experiences with natural hair care have inspired me to ensure that no one struggles the way I did. Get the tools you need for success, learn to master wash day and discover incredible products at Bold Kulture Beauty. Connect with me today, and let’s begin your journey to natural hair success!

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