hair typing chart

Why I Stopped Using The Hair Typing Chart

Question of the week: Does knowing your hair type affect the way you care for your hair?

The simple answer is no, but I’ll walk you through how I came to that conclusion and what I’ve discovered that is more helpful.

What is my hair type

If I had to guess, I would imagine I fall somewhere in the general vicinity of 4c, although some of my curls are probably a little more 4a or b. If I were to examine it, I would probably realize that my hair isn’t explicitly represented on the hair typing chart.   

For me, this is where part of the problem lies with hair typing charts. The other issue I’ve found somewhat bothersome is that hair typing has not once caused me to be more intentional about my hair. The typical recommendations for someone considered to have 4c hair don’t align with how I currently care for my hair and have previously been a cause of much confusion, frustration, and significant wash day fails.

The trade-off for attaching a number and a letter to my hair didn’t seem to be worth the stress required to determine my hair type or the lack of satisfaction for knowing it.

Things I couldn’t accomplish knowing my hair type

Like many, I thought knowing my hair type would propel me to success on my natural journey. After all, people were putting so much focus on it.  Everyone wanted to know their hair type and asked about mine, so it had to be necessary, right? Wrong. Though seemingly important, the hair typing system could not help me:

  • Manage my natural hair
  • Correctly identify products to meet my hair’s needs
  • Identify the key characteristics of my hair
  • Establish a routine to help promote the health of my hair

What I thought I needed and what I actually needed to reach my hair goals were very different. Sadly, the hair typing chart could not help me achieve either, and without much coercing, I let it go.

Natural hair care made easier

The solution to meeting my hair’s needs and achieving my healthy hair goals was simple. I needed to do for myself what I thought the hair typing chart would do for me. So I stopped stressing over the chart and took the time to learn my hair’s key characteristics. I used that information to be more intentional about products and how I cared for my hair. Now I am better equipped to care for my hair, and I no longer stress over my hair type!

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