Benefits of Protein for Curly Hair

Benefits of Protein for Curly Hair

Dryness, weak, brittle strands, and hair damage are often causes of distress for our natural curls. When searching out remedies for what ails our hair, we often wonder about the benefits of protein for curly hair types.  

With the wealth of information available, it is easy to get on swept up, overwhelmed, and confused concerning the benefits of protein for curly hair. If you’re wondering about protein and if it is beneficial for your curly hair, you’re in the right spot! Today we’re taking a closer look at protein, its benefits, and how to determine if it is right for you.

Benefits of protein

Protein conditioners are beneficial because they are a great source of nutrition for your weak or damaged hair. By design, protein conditioners penetrate the cortex and strengthen the hair shaft from within. Though protein conditioners are not a permanent fix for what may be ailing your hair, they will temporarily reconstruct the hair and improve its appearance. Appropriate use of protein will help increase hydration, improve manageability, and allow you to grow hair safely.

Is protein always the answer?

Before grabbing the protein, knowing the essential elements of your hair is necessary. These key characteristics will provide a baseline for your hair and help to identify areas that need addressing.   Some issues like dryness or dull, poorly defined strands may not require protein. Often, the remedy is a thorough cleansing session and the use of a quality conditioner. If you’re dealing with over porous, weak, or damaged hair, protein may be a great option in addition to healthy hair practices.

Is protein right for me?

Your hair does not have to be overly damaged to benefit from protein. While protein is not necessarily a requirement for all curly hair types, when used appropriately, it can be beneficial and help your hair to thrive. Key indicators that will help you determine if your hair will benefit from protein include:

  • Fine to medium texture
  • Color-treated curls
  • Preparing for color or chemical processes
  • Increased porosity of your hair
  • Excessive breakage
  • Hair damage
Can protein damage my hair?

A common concern among the natural community is the possibility of hair damage from protein. Terms like hygral fatigue and protein resistance or sensitivity are a common cause for pause.  Knowing when your hair needs protein and how often eliminates this concern and prevents the overuse or misuse of protein.

Signs of protein overuse or misuse include

  • Hard, brittle hair
  • Hair that breaks/snaps easily
  • Dull, lifeless strands

A key component of our hair is protein, and some hair types do not require the external addition of protein to maintain its healthy appearance. Virgin hair, coarse textures, and normal to low porosity hair types don’t usually require frequent use of protein if at all. For hair types that require protein, once the desired results are achieved, protein does not have to be in constant rotation for wash day.

Protein can be a useful tool to help breathe life into some curl types and textures, and enhance the appearance of your hair. Knowing when and how to use it makes all the difference and will prevent misuse or overuse. Take the time to learn more about the essential elements of your hair and discover some amazing protein-containing products at Bold Kulture Beauty!


  • Arun

    Thanks for the useful post. I have curly hair and I nourish it with natural protein hair care products. I never knew that the overuse of protein on my hair could make my hair dull and brittle. This post definitely helped me know about some of the fantastic protein products.