Struggle natural hair journey

The Struggle is Real:Overcoming Challenges On Your Natural Hair Journey

Where are you on your natural hair journey? Is the struggle real? Do you wish natural hair care were easier?

We’ve all been there, myself included, and I can tell you that it’s no fun. Confusion, frustration, overwhelm. It’s no wonder that we haven’t reached for the relaxer yet. Before you get any ideas, let’s set a foundation for overcoming some everyday struggles.

If you’re in an unhappy place on your natural hair journey and you wish things could be easier, you’re in luck! Today we’re taking a closer look at some everyday struggles and barriers to success and simple steps to overcome them.

Not a quick fix

If you’re looking for styling advice or simple how-to videos, this is not it. I have plenty of those resources available for you. You can find them here.

Today we’re looking at the subtle everyday things that create barriers, often without us realizing it. To change the trajectory of your natural hair journey, and eliminate struggles, consider the steps below.

Level-up with knowledge

How can you properly care for something you don’t understand? The reality is, you can’t. We want quick fixes and overnight success stories on this natural journey, but we’re missing one key thing; knowledge. Without the proper foundation, we fast track ourselves to confusion, overwhelm, and frustration. To eliminate this struggle, find a trusted source, and rely on fact-based information to guide you in making informed hair care decisions.

Let go of the need for perfection

No one’s hair is perfect. Healthy yes, but perfect not all. We put a lot of undue pressure on ourselves to have perfect hair all the time. This standard of perfection is unrealistic, causes unnecessary stress, and leads to wasted time and complicated hair care routines.  To overcome this struggle, we must set realistic expectations for our hair. Ignore the misconceptions surrounding perfect curls and an ideal curl type and grant yourself grace. Stop comparing your hair and your natural journey to others Get real about your hair’s key characteristics and specific needs.

Embrace your curls

Curl envy is real and often a great source of discontentment on our natural hair journey. How can you properly care for something when you don’t appreciate it enough to give it the individualized attention it deserves. You guessed it! We can’t. Accepting and embracing your curls is a process. It requires consistency and a genuine desire to know and understand your hair. The ability to block out all the excess chatter is essential as well. We’ve heard plenty of negatives. Once fortified with knowledge, we can appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of our curls and embrace them.

Focus on the good

On our natural hair journey, it is easy to get discouraged. When we don’t have the proper foundation, we can quickly become overwhelmed, frustrated, and disheartened. We accept the narrative that natural hair care is challenging and willingly take all of the misconceptions and excess baggage that come with it. This is indeed a struggle that I have battled with, but I won! Overcoming this struggle requires a significant mindset shift and the ability to appreciate your curls’ unique character. Love where you are, set goals and be mindful of where you’re going. It doesn’t hurt to remind yourself of how far you’ve come. Every win, no matter how small, is a win. Celebrate it!

These seemingly small barriers and struggles can significantly affect the way we approach natural hair care. Allowing them to take precedence will perpetuate confusion, overwhelm, and ultimately displeasure. Now that you are aware make a conscious effort to overcome them, and set a foundation for success.

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