Healthy Hair Practices

Healthy Hair Practices 101

What are the things you wished you knew, walking into your natural hair journey? For me, hands down one of the most valuable lessons were that natural hair care doesn’t have to be complicated. I can remember watching hours of videos, having marathon wash days, using all the products, and still walking away being displeased with my natural hair.

My curls were not defined, my hair was dehydrated, and I was so tired of doing the same old things with minimal results. I didn’t have a dependable source for factual information, and I was not intentional with my product selection.

While not quite a “product junkie,” I did have my fair share of half-used holy grail products that always promised to be the “next best thing” where beautiful natural hair was concerned. Some of these products were good buys, but I didn’t know how or why to use them.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture, and I’m sure some of you could relate if this is where you are now, no worries. I’ve been there too.  Luckily, I’m not there anymore. Today we’re taking a closer look at some lesser-known healthy hair practices and why they are a vital factor for your natural hair journey.

Not all tips, tricks, and hair advice are created equal

I‘m sure you’ve heard this before, but there is something to be said about fact-based information that is both relatable and obtainable. No one wants to keep chasing a goal that you cannot achieve. The beauty behind hair tips based on science and facts is that if you follow them, you’ll get the results you desire. There are no tricks, shortcuts, or overly complicated routines required. Do the work, be consistent, set realistic expectations, have patience, and watch the results.

Know what’s necessary

There is a ton of information available for you concerning your natural hair. Not all of it is timely, not all of it is beneficial, and some of it could move you farther away from your healthy hair goals. Knowing what’s necessary saves you time, eliminates frustrations, and allows you to be intentional about your hair.

Some necessary things:
  1. Stop comparing –  Do I need to say more? Comparison leads to frustration, lack of confidence, and significant displeasure with your hair. Focus that energy on following the facts instead.
  2. Let go if misinformation -We’re all guilty of this one! We tend to follow popular advice over facts. If you’re only following a widespread belief with no factual basis, let it go!
  3. Be honest with yourself – Some expectations are just not realistic. Learn what is achievable based on your hair’s characteristics and work towards those goals.
  4. Learn about your hair – We often skip this step, but it is vital. Hair typing charts are not the answer. You need to go beyond those basic charts and get to know your hair.
  5. Be consistent – This journey is not a sprint, its a marathon. Stop expecting microwaved results when you haven’t put in constant work. Do the work, be patient, and watch the results happen.
Why it’s necessary

Could you imagine how much lighter your journey could be if you started with these essential things? If you’re like me, and you’re serious about your natural hair journey, the health of your natural hair, and achieving your healthy hair goals, then you know just how vital these seemingly small steps are. While not overly complicated, they help lay a foundation for intentionality, open your mind to the possibility of success, prime you to receive the facts about healthy hair care, and bring you that much closer to achieving your goals.

Listen, we both already know where the alternative leads. Say no to frustration, overwhelm,  and confusion. Follow a trusted source dedicated to answering the hard questions, dispelling the myths, and guiding you through the facts. Nothing about natural hair care has to be hard. I’ve already done the work, and you can enjoy the benefits!

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