Will Your Natural Curls Flourish Or fail? What Really makes Your Curls Pop?

Will Your Natural Curls Flourish Or fail? What Really makes Your Curls Pop?


Curlfriends, are you tired of wondering if your curls will flourish or fail on wash day? Have you tried every product and styling hack on the market but still can’t figure out what makes your curls pop? Well, the secret lies in an amazing wash day experience.

You weren’t expecting that were you? But it’s true. Your wash day and how you approach it set the foundation for your style when it is all said and done.

We tend to focus heavily on styling products, but they’re only one piece of the natural hair puzzle. Before you can even consider styling products, you must ensure the right practices are in place to guarantee your success. The best products without all the keys to a successful wash day experience will leave you with the lingering question…” what makes your natural curls pop?”

We all have asked this question, and many are still trying to find the answer. Luckily, I want you to win, so I’m spilling all the tea today!

How do you know if you have the right practice in place? If you’ve been natural for some time and you’re still struggling, your wash day takes up much of the day, or your natural experience is becoming more complicated, chances are you do not. Everything becomes easier when you approach wash day the right way, have the right systems in place, and practice them consistently!

Now that we know wash day is the key, bey you’re wondering..” What makes an excellent wash day experience?”  It’s simple…

The most effective wash day experience that leads to curls that pop includes the right:
  • Mindset
  • Products
  • Practices
  • Techniques
  • Tools

It all matters. That’s why skipping a step leaves you overwhelmed and confused.  Each piece is essential to achieving your natural hair goals, discovering what makes your curls pop, and making natural hair care EASY!

If you’re serious about creating an environment that allows your natural hair to flourish and getting your curls to pop, I would love to serve you! Click here to discover my game-changing natural hair resource, or connect with me in-store or online line at Bold Kulture Beauty and get the tools, support, and access necessary to save time, build confidence, and make natural hair care EASY!