perfect natural curls!

The Hard Truth About Perfect Curls

Raise your hands if you’re ready to achieve the perfect natural curls!

Now put them down because the perfect curls DON’T exist!

I know I just dropped a giant bomb on you, and some of you may be a little shocked and confused by what you’ve just heard.

So, take a deep breath, and let’s get into it!

Today we’ll explore this significant hindrance on our natural journey and discover what you can do now to achieve a better alternative.

What’s wrong with wanting perfection?

Perfect curls, kinks, or waves are something we subconsciously strive for and desire but often never achieve. Sadly, attaining perfection is complicated and keeps you from succeeding on your natural journey.

When we take a closer look at what you’re doing to your natural hair, your actions tell the story of a costly journey to an unreachable destination.

When you constantly strive to create perfect curls, “moisturize” your dry hair, or trust trends, the result is inevitably frustration, overwhelm, and confusion. While the idea of perfection on your natural journey sounds enticing, wanting perfection causes us to overwork, undervalue where we are on our journey, and constantly compare our natural hair to the natural hair we wish we had.

It’s exhausting, unrewarding, expensive, and perpetuates the struggle narrative. This is not how your natural journey should be. When we accept that perfect curls don’t exist, we free ourselves to focus on what matters.

What could be more critical than perfect curls?

I know several hands were raised when I asked the initial question about perfect curls. You’re probably thinking, I want my hair to look good, and if the curls aren’t perfect, what else is there? Great question!

I never want you to think that I’m saying it’s impossible to get to a place where your curls look good. I’m not saying that you won’t be comfortable or confident on your natural journey or that your hair won’t turn heads or get the infamous question, “what products are you using?” All of that is possible but striving for perfection is not how you achieve it. If you want to be successful on your natural journey, if you want showstopping curls and hair that help you appreciate how easy natural hair care can be, it starts with health.

We want the perfect curls, the perfect washday experience, and the perfect amount of longevity in our styles. But we rarely focus on the work required to make perfection a consistent possibility. Lucky for you, the perfect curls don’t exist.

Instead of striving for perfection, focus on health and watch how much closer you’ll get to making caring for your natural hair easy!

How do we get to healthy curls? Become intentional about your actions and how you care for your curls.   

What does intentionality look like

  • Knowing your curls
  • Addressing their specific needs
  • Auditing your current curl care process
  • Trusting the process
  • Being consistent

Health is the foundation that every other goal you set rests upon. Achieve it, and succeeding on your natural journey becomes easy. If you’re serious about achieving the best for your natural hair and having curls that are healthy, hydrated, and look good – Perfectionism won’t help you. Perfect curls don’t exist, but healthy curls can!

Ready to make healthy hair your goal? Now is the perfect time to save time, build confidence, and simplify your hair care routine. Visit Bold Kulture beauty, discover the easier side of natural hair care, and let me help you make natural hair care EASY!