2 days later curls gone

2 Days Later, My Curls Were Gone…

Hey curlfriend, has this ever happened to you? 

You’re feeling yourself on wash today, and everything has turned out great.  It’s time to style your hair, and you’re pretty sure, based on the way things are going, that this should go well also. You’ve intentionally done everything you’ve seen and heard others do on wash day. Up to this point, it has served you well. You’re ready to start styling. The process is smoother than you thought, and you’re beginning to think this new product is exactly what you’ve been missing. You’ve just completed your last section, and though wet, your curls are popping and appear to be behaving!

Your hair dries, and you run through the checklist:

  • Hangtime (meh)
  • Definition (check)
  • A little volume (check)
  • A little Movement (check)
  • No white residue (check)

It’s not “perfect,” but it’s also not a complete disaster, so you count it as a win! You have definition, and maybe a little more shrinkage than you’d like, but this is a win. And you’re thinking, yes, I finally did it!

You made it through day one with a decent amount of definition. You feel good about your curls and yourself. Day two rolls around, and you’re surprised to see that you have a great combination of definition and volume that you love. You’re feeling yourself a little bit because you think, “I finally have the hang of this.”

You prepare for the evening and think you can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. You’ve passed the 2-day mark and managed to snag some compliments. It must be smooth sailing from here.  This is at least a 4-day hairstyle for sure!

And then it happens…

Day 3 rolls around, and you are beyond shocked. What happened to my beautiful hair? I went to bed on a high note and woke up to this. I would not have invested this much time, energy, effort, and money if I knew that my curls would be gone 2 days later. 

This is not what the video showed or what the product promised…or was it? It doesn’t matter. My curls were giving, and now they are GONE! I can’t work this hard for a style that only lasts 2 days. This can’t be my natural experience. I don’t have this kind of time.

Why can’t creating a style that lasts and finding a product that works be easier?

The Dilemma

Go ahead and say ouch. This has been the narrative of many wash days for far too long. For some of you, if you’re lucky, you made it to day 2.  Others experience all of this in hyperspeed. You knew there was no hope as soon as the products dried. 

So, how do you go from fabulous-looking wet curls to 2 days later, my curls are gone? More importantly, what can be done to prevent it? 

It’s the question many curlfriend’s ask and struggle to find answers to. It’s part of the reason everyone thinks wash and go’s aren’t for them, and one more thing we can all add to the list of reasons that natural hair care is NOT easy. 

Today though, we’re going to tackle the question head-on and understand more about what keeps happening so you can prevent it in the future.

The Culprit

If you have ever struggled with 2 days later, my curls were gone syndrome or any of its variants; there’s hope!

I’ve got the answer…Check out the list below for the most common causes of styles that don’t last and curls that don’t pop.

Top factors affecting curl definition and longevity in your styles:

  • Lack of understanding of your curls
  • Unawareness of the environment and how it affects your style
  • Dirty curls and excessive product build-up
  • Poor wash day technique
  • Poor styling technique
  • Inadequate products to water balance
  • Poor product selection
  • Over manipulation of curls when they’re wet
  • Severely dehydrated curls
  • Unhealthy hair

It seems like so much, right? With all these factors working against you, how can you possibly succeed? The solution is simple. Do the necessary work to understand your curls, align your goals, and improve the health of your hair, and the rest falls into place. Though it seems complicated at first glance, a few calculated adjustments in how you approach natural hair care will make all the difference. 

Don’t know where to start or what adjustments need to be made? Let me help you! Visit Bold Kulture Beauty today and get access to the tools, support, and products required to make natural hair care EASY! 

Serious about achieving and doing the best for your curls, work with me, start your intentional journey to simplified natural hair care, and become a curlfriend who wins!