tightly coiled curls

What to Do with Tightly Coiled Curls

Are you struggling to care for your tightly coiled curls?

I’m sure you’ve heard before that tightly coiled curls need a lot of specialized care and attention. For some, knowing exactly how to care for your coils is a challenge. You’ve tried a lot of different things, but caring for your hair becomes more complicated with each new attempt.

The problem, misinformation, and misaligned expectations make caring for your curls harder than it needs to be. Today, all of that changes. Join me as we explore three simple ways to better care for our tight coils. The best part, it’s probably easier than you think!

Keep it simple

A big misconception is that natural hair care is complicated and even more so when you have tightly coiled curls. The truth is our approach to hair care can be the same regardless of the tightness of our curls. No magic potions or elaborate process with multiple steps. Just consistent, simple hair care. Wash your hair regularly, use a quality conditioner, and master product application and styling. When you do this, you’ll know better, become more pleased with the process, and produce tangible results without wasting time or complicating your hair care.

Stop neglecting proper care

Having tight curls is not an instant justification for doing the most to your hair. It should encourage you to become more intentional. The natural inclination is to do everything because you think our hair requires it to be softer, shinier, moisturized, and more manageable. Tight curls don’t need “all the things.” Surprisingly, the things we neglect are what we need most.  Products build-up, lack of shampoo, over manipulation, and inconsistent care are a recipe for disaster. Having a better understanding of your curls leads to improved health, increased manageability, and an easier path to your desired results.

Embrace your coils

Your curls are tight. The shrinkage is drastic, and your hair tends to grow up instead of hanging down. These are facts. The quicker we acknowledge and accept these facts, the easier it is to embrace and love our curls. Many think these characteristics are a bad thing. The reality, they are just part of what makes our curls beautiful. Need help embracing your coils? Choose a style that works for you, master your styling techniques, get your hair shaped, and change your perspective on what makes hair beautiful and acceptable. Stop thinking of the characteristics of your hair as a negative. Embrace them and give your curls the care and respect they deserve.

The next time you struggle to figure out how to care for your tight coils, remember. Curls are curls. How we approach them and who we listen to affects how complicated things will be. Knowing what to do to and for your curls requires knowing more about your hair. Using that information, establish realistic expectations and become intentional about care.     

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