Before you let go

Before You Let Go: Staying Committed To The Natural Experience

Are you over your natural experience?

We’ve all been there. Well, I know I have—hours of work with nothing to show for it. Complicated routines and overwhelm from the never-ending recommendations and product claims that leave you frustrated with failed results.

You’re probably thinking, “life was easier when I was relaxed.” The many alternatives to struggling with your natural hair are at the forefront of your mind, and you’re ready to let go. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone! Before you let go, let’s consider some simple ways to rekindle that flame and stay committed to your natural experience.

You have a choice

Before we jump right in, remember, you should never feel pressured to commit to something. Rest assured, that’s not where I’m going with this. This post is for my curlfriends who desperately desire to embrace their natural experience fully but are having trouble.

Committed but tired, you desire a clear path to achieve your goals and show up entirely in your natural experience. If this is you, keep reading!

What’s the secret

There are many barriers to success in your natural experience. It is tough to drown out the noise, both internal and external, that causes you to question your desire to commit to your natural hair fully. Honestly, there is no secret sauce to staying committed. It requires a reality check, evaluation of your expectations, and a significant purge of things that aren’t serving you. Before you let go and completely abandon your natural experience, check this out

Remember why you started

Kind of Cliché, I know, but you have to want to do this. Past or current experiences can cause you to lose focus on why you thought the natural experience was right for you. Remembering what spurred the change will help you recommit and get focused.

Evaluate what you’re doing

You’re ready to let go because you feel your efforts are more significant than the return. This fact is probably true. We consume a lot of information concerning natural hair care and what we should/shouldn’t do. Unfortunately, we don’t vet it, and we stay committed regardless of the results. It’s your hair! Stop listening to bad advice. Stop accepting everything as law. Evaluate what you’re doing and if it doesn’t make sense, generate positive results, or requires too much time, LET IT GO!

Look For a Better way

Doing the same old hair care things and expecting better results have gotten you nowhere. Before you let go, it’s time to overhaul your mindset and approach to the natural hair experience. A great place to start is with Bold Kulture Beauty! Grab a free copy of The Curlfriends Guide to Keeping It Simple and learn critical steps for a stress-free approach to your natural experience.

Bonus at Bold Kulture Beauty, we’re dedicated to empowering you to get the most out of your natural experience, and we have the tools and receipts to back it up! Before you let go,  visit us today and get the tools you need for success!