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Why I Stopped Asking What Products Are You Using

Has asking what products are you using gotten you any closer to the results you desire?

Early in my journey, this was one of the main discussion topics between me and other naturals. The question seems magical, like the right combination of products automatically gives you the definition, longevity, and healthy curls you desire. This thought could not be farther from the truth.

If you’re looking at your product stash, recognizing all of the “what products are you using “recommendations, and still waiting on the results, this blog post is for you! Today we’re taking a closer look at why this question gets us nowhere. And the things we should focus on instead.

Things that matter

Now I don’t want to give the impression that product selection doesn’t matter. The quality of products you use will always impact the outcome of your results. The health of the hair and application technique significantly affects your results as well.   What shouldn’t matter is what someone else is using for their curls. Selecting products based solely on someone’s results doesn’t take into consideration:

  • The essential elements of your hair
  • Your lifestyle or climate
  • The health of your hair and it’s specific needs
  • Product ingredients and response to your hair

Can some else’s products be useful in your hair? Yes. However, some factors contribute to their success that you aren’t aware of, and these same factors may not be applicable for you.

Practice before products

We ask “what products are you using” without understanding what practices are necessary to make them useful.  (No judgment, I have been guilty of this as well). The reality is, without the proper steps in place, you can’t begin to yield the same results.  So what should we do instead of inquiring about products? Simple.

  • Know specifics about your hair
  • Cleanse your hair regularly
  • Be consistent with caring for your curls
  • Be mindful of how lifestyle and climate affect product selection

Now, this seems easy enough, but these are usually the things we aren’t doing. These key steps are also the things that are necessary to yield the results we desire.

Side note: the key to “the results we desire” is having a proper understanding of our hair. This understanding allows us to become more realistic about what we should want. It also helps us set better expectations for our hair and our product’s performance. To learn more about the essential elements of your hair, click here.

But I still want to know

I get it, and I would be remiss if I said the thought doesn’t cross my mind. You can ask, it’s your prerogative, but you have to prepare for what that answer gives you. It’s not a magic key that unlocks definition, shine, and lasting styles. You have to do the groundwork first. Great products without the proper foundation will not give you positive results. However, in conjunction with consistency and the right foundation, great products, Fastrack you to achieving your goals.

Need more help figuring it all out? No problem! Set a foundation for success and get the support you need on your natural journey at Bold Kulture Beauty. Visit us today and get the tools you need for success!

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