Being Intentional With Product Selection

Being Intentional With Product Selection

Last week we took a look at investing in natural hair care. When asked what your first thought would be when you heard that term, naturally, most of us thought of products. It is no secret that products can be a significant investment were natural hair care is concerned. While sometimes we can get a good deal on the products that we love, typically, where quality is concerned, you get what you pay for, and that adds up quickly.

I have tried my fair share of products, some good and others not so much. In the past, product selection for me was very random and usually based on what was popular at the moment.  I can remember standing in an aisle glancing at labels looking at pictures and grabbing stuff not because it was right for my hair but because they claimed to create a look that I was chasing. Have you done this before, or is it just me? 

Or maybe you’re a chronic collector of products.  You like to try all of the new products you hear about, and you’re steadily adding to your collection. I’m not knocking it, but one day you’ll look up, and the bathroom closet looks like your very own beauty supply store. I like trying new things, but seriously there has to be a better way. 

If you have a strong desire to be more intentional with your purchases, are tired of wasting money on things that don’t work for you, or you’re looking for ways to cut down on your spending habits. You’re In luck! This week We are taking a closer look at being intentional with product selection and why it is essential when it comes to success on your natural journey.

That’s not how it works

First things first, we need to set realistic expectations for our hair. The claims some products make are often enticing, but the reality is a product alone cannot be your hair’s Savior. There are no magic potions, elixirs, oils, gels, or creams that will magically give you the perfect hair in one wash, style, or application.

The truth is, while products can be a necessary part of your healthy hair routine, they exist to enhance, promote, or nourish your hair’s natural characteristics, not create them.  

We must do the necessary work of learning the key characteristics of our hair and then determining what products are right for us based on those characteristics and the look we are trying to create. 

Your hairstyle matters

When you select a product for your hair, do you have a particular style in mind, or are you grabbing whatever is most prevalent?  What you would typically use for twist outs, braid outs, or the like should not be your first option if you’re trying to create a wash and go. The same is true in reverse. Each unique style requires specific products that will help you enhance the longevity and create the look you desire.

Your product selection will also vary based on how you would like your finished style to look. Creating a big voluminous look may not require the same products you would use if you desire is to have a sleeker defined look. Knowing the overall look and style that you were trying to achieve will help you select the appropriate products.

What you might need

At the most basic level, if you’re trying to maintain a healthy hair routine, you will need products to cleanse condition and style your hair. The type of cleansers required will vary based on your environment and daily exposure,  the level of build-up you may have, and how frequently you style and wash her hair. Additional products such as conditioners and stylers will also depend on these factors as well as other contributing factors, including your hair’s specific needs,  if it is or has been color-treated or chemically processed, and the style you are trying to create. 

What to do when you’re standing in the aisle

Nothing! I Don’t encourage buying products on a whim. It becomes to easy to select the wrong things or be enticed by the claims on the package. Instead, take the time to do a little research on the products you are interested in so you can make a more informed and conscious decision. You still might wind up choosing the most popular product, but at least you’ll have solid reasoning behind why.

Things to consider before you purchase:
  • The key characteristics of your hair
  • Your desired style (twist out, braid out, wash and go, etc.)
  • The look you’re trying to achieve (voluminous vs. sleek and defined)
  • Ingredients to avoid (depends on the intended use of the products but in general parabens, silicones, sulfates, heavy oils, and  raw butters)
  • How long you want the style to last

Nothing about choosing products has to be complicated. You need to make a conscious effort to be more intentional and commit to making purchases for the “right reasons.” To learn more about what those reasons are and how to be more intentional with your product selection, visit Bold Kulture Beauty and embrace the steps I used to help simplify my routine and become more intentional with my purchases.


  • Ayondi

    Guilty! I became a product junky, collecting all sorts of products here and there. This video is definitely a “must see “ as you embark on the journey.

    • kristal

      I think we’ve all been product junkies at least once in our lives lol. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. thanks for viewing!