investing in natural hair care

Investing in natural hair care: is it worth it?

When you hear the words investing in natural hair care, what are the things that automatically come to mind? Naturally, I think products and if you’ve found an excellent curly stylist, then salon visits. There’s also all of the accessories bonnets, pillowcases, brushes, and the list goes on and on and on.

We sometimes grumble about the cost of embracing our natural hair, but why? When My hair was relaxed, I would faithfully get my hair done every 1-2 weeks and never bat an eye. So when we transition to our curly tresses, what changes?

Could it be that our expectations are unrealistic? Or maybe it’s the fact that we are not being intentional with the products or the practices that we are incorporating into a hair care routine. Have we invested wisely, or are we still doing the most and not getting what we desire out of the things that we invest in?

This week we’re taking a closer look at the investments we make in and for our natural hair, how we can be more intentional, and how to get the greatest return.

What we’re investing and where

There could be some debate over whether time or money is the most substantial investment you make when you commit to wearing your natural hair. Money can encompass a significant part of our investment because it is required for just about everything we do to and our natural hair. Time, on the other hand, is an equally important investment, and for the longest, we’ve believed that a certain level of time commitment is required if we want to have beautiful curls.

The reality is that time and money are both required when it comes to maintaining natural hair and promoting its health. However, you don’t have to waste your money or your minutes. If you take a more intentional approach to hair care, you can save both time and money!

What does it mean to be intentional?

Intentionality, when tied to natural hair care, implies that you are moving with purpose. No longer haphazardly selecting products, you choose what’s right for you based on your specific and individual hair care needs. You execute styles that are compatible with your hair and its essential characteristics, and you are incorporating practices into your hair care routine that allow it to thrive.

Grounded in facts, intentional hair care will save you both time and money. It will force you to be more knowledgeable about your hair, products, and practices that allow it to thrive, and the techniques that are required to get the styles you desire.

How to be intentional
  • Start with the basics. Learn the essential elements of your hair. Once equipped with this knowledge, you can use that information to select products, styles, and techniques that are right for your hair.
  • Evaluate what you’ve been doing. Are the things you’re doing grounded in facts or popular opinion? If it’s the latter, let it go.
  • Stop wasting time. Focus on the essential steps that will add value to your hair care routine and promote the health of your hair.
  • Be consistent. Do the right work, commit to learning and seeing the process through, evaluate the areas where you fall short, and adjust as necessary.

Bonus: Let me help you. The level of investment required for this journey is not lost on me. I’ve struggled before, I’ve been overwhelmed, and I even considered quitting. Then I discovered a better way. While still investing time and money, I’ve become more intentional, I learned how to save time and money, and my hair is flourishing. When you ask me is investing in natural hair care it worth it, my answer will be yes a hundred times over, when we invest in the right thing and become more consistent. We will discover that natural hair care can be more accessible.