Taking care of your natural hair

Taking care of your natural hair

We often hear the term taking care of your natural hair, but what does it entail, and what steps should we take to ensure that we are doing the right things?

Depending on who you ask, this could include complex routines, marathon wash days, and a vast array of products. I feel it can be much easier than that.

We remain convinced that natural hair requires more work. Well, it does require some work, but it doesn’t have to be overly complicated. A lot of times, we view our natural hair through the context of our previous experience with chemically processed hair, and that is where a lot of the frustration and confusion starts.

We tend to think that since our hair is no longer chemically processed or relax that we can’t take some of the same steps or approaches to maintain our natural hair that we used to. The reality is that it isn’t true.

This week we are taking a closer look at simple ways to take care of your natural hair and why natural hair care does not have to be complicated.

The things we think

What if I told you that our approach to natural hair care required a drastic shift in the way we think about our natural hair.

How many times have you heard that natural hair care was complicated? Have you said that it was too much work? How did you arrive at that conclusion? Has your thinking this way allowed you to succumb to overly complicated practices instead of seeking better ways to manage your hair?

When conditioned to think that things are hard or have to be hard, we will do those hard things without even considering that there has to be a better way.

Who said:

  • You have to pre-treat your hair before you shampoo it
  • Oiling your hair every night was the way to achieve hydration
  • Daily restyling or re-twisting of your hair was the proper way to attain longevity in your hairstyle?
  • Only one type of curl or curly look was appealing

Then why are we giving place to these things without questioning the reasoning behind it or challenging that there could be a better way?

The things we do

So that should we do? You usually can’t go wrong if you make sure, you are at a minimum doing these few things:

  • Cleansing
  • Conditioning
  • Detangling
  • Styling
  • Routine maintenance

Each step relies on the other to ensure that you are promoting the proper health and balance of your hair. This fact is particularly accurate in the first two steps of caring for your hair. These two simple steps will set a foundation that you can build upon to achieve the moisture levels you desire, make detangling more manageable, and allow for better execution during the styling process.

You will also discover that if you consistently practice these core steps, you might not need the other practices that were complicating your hair care routine.

What about my night routine?

You may be thinking this sounds great, but how do I sleep? The specific brand or style of accessory you use to maintain your hair overnight doesn’t matter. You should always make sure the tools used to protect your hair allow your hair to breathe, don’t cause excess friction, and do not pull or strain the hair.

Bonus tip: If you continuously need to restyle your hair, consider your products and if they are right for the style you want to achieve.

Where to start

The goal should always be to stress less, keep it simple, and enjoy your natural journey. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, I’ve been doing it for the last few years, and my hair has been thriving!

If you’re tired of doing the same complicated things and not getting the results that you desire, maybe it’s time to reconsider what you’re doing and how you’re thinking about natural hair care.

Find one thing that is sucking the life out of your natural hair journey, determine if it’s necessary and if it’s not let it go!

If you need help determining what might not be necessary, refer to the list above. If you’re still on the fence or need some extra encouragement, I’m your girl! Head over to Bold Kulture Beauty, and let us help you discover easy ways to simplify your natural hair care routine while doing the right things to take care of your hair.