Beauty From Within: Nourishing Your Hair From The Inside Out

Beauty From Within: Nourishing Your Hair From The Inside Out

Is your hair healthy? What steps are you taking to address the overall health of your hair and meet its specific needs? The adage goes, “you are what you eat.” this statement could not be more true when it comes to our hair. We often fail to consider that our hair is a reflection of the overall health of our bodies. Take a moment and let that set in.

Where the health of our hair is concerned, the things we put in our bodies are often more important than what we put on our hair. Now I know that for most naturals products are essential, but they are only as effective as our hair is healthy. Today we’re taking a closer look at simple steps to achieve healthy hair and how incorporating the right products will help us maximize our positive results.

healthy bodies equal healthy hair

I’m a pharmacist, so the health of our bodies is always at the forefront of my mind. If you care about your hair, it’s health, and reaching your goals, it should be on yours as well. The key to achieving healthy hair is to create an environment that allows your hair to thrive. So, drink plenty of water, try to maintain a balanced diet, and get plenty of rest to help maximize the overall health of your hair.

Circulating good health

The scalp and hair receive nourishment from the bloodstream. Small blood vessels deliver nutrients to the hair follicle and, eventually, the hair shaft. A well-balanced diet, exercise, and plenty of water promote the beneficial properties of the blood and enhance the circulatory system that brings the necessary nutrients to the hair and scalp. Eat well, exercise often, and routinely massage the scalp to help stimulate blood flow and promote health.

You are what you eat

The nutrients our hair needs for growth and health come from the food and water we consume. To help promote the overall health of your scalp and hair, eat nutrient-rich foods, consume healthy sources of protein, and maintain a healthy balanced diet. Those foods that you would consider adding to your DIY hair mask consume them instead to get the most benefit and promote the health of your hair.

Signs of healthy hair

We often equate the aesthetics of our hair with its overall health.  While it is true that you can identify some signs of health by looking at your hair, it would benefit you to note that products can mask unhealthy hair by creating the appearance of heath. Some general indicators of the health of your hair in addition to appearance, include elasticity, hydration, growth, length retention, reduced tangles, and decreased breakage. Shiny or greasy hair does not equal health or moisture. Seek to create healthy hair from the inside, then utilize products to solidify the healthy foundation you have laid.

The benefits of the right products

Many products provide aesthetic benefits for your hair. When used in conjunction with healthy hair, the right products will further promote the overall health of your hair. Not all products are created equal. Where benefits and performance are concerned,  ingredients, and quality matter. Quality products are more concentrated, reduce the risk of build-up, are easily cleanse away, and have molecules small enough to penetrate the hair when necessary to maximize benefit.

Choosing products that are right for you

What do you know about your hair and its specific needs? Choosing the right products requires knowing more about your hair than its curl pattern. Key characteristics like texture, density, and surface texture will give you a better understanding of how your hair should look feel and behave and allow you to make more informed decisions when choosing products.

We can all agree that the health of our hair is a priority. Achieving this goal requires creating beauty from the inside out. Before we grab products, we must seek to establish a healthy foundation.  There is a direct link between good health and real beauty. It’s the body’s way of creating symmetry. Healthy lifestyles create healthy bodies that intern create healthy hair. So, if you want to see your hair flourish, focus on your overall health, and create beauty from the inside out!