Leave in 2020

Things We Should Leave In 2020

What hair care things are you leaving in 2020?

The first month of the new year is almost over, and some of us are still approaching natural hair care the same way. If It didn’t work for you in 2020, chances are it won’t bring you the results you desire in 2021 either.

If you’re tired of doing the same old natural hair care things and expecting a new and better result, you’re in the right spot! Today we’re taking a look at some things we should all leave in 2020 and exploring simple solutions to get the most out of natural hair care this year!

For a fresh new approach to natural hair care, leave these things in 2020:
Negative mindset

Our approach to natural hair care usually starts with the belief that our goals aren’t possible. We believe things will be challenging, so we settle for mediocre hair care, try everything, and expect failure. The first thing we must leave in 2020 is this way of thinking! Leave it behind and create space for success. Consider this your permission to drown out the negative chatter and embrace the reality that natural hair care is supposed to be more accessible.

Complicated hair care routines

We love doing the most. Unfortunately, all it has brought us is wasted time, unnecessary frustration, and unfulfilled promises. Natural hair care is as complicated as we make it. If we resist the urge to do all the things, we realize that all we need for our hair to flourish is to cleanse, condition, and style our hair regularly. Leave the urge to do the most in 2020. Get back to the basics and reclaim your time!

Doing things just because

2021 should be about being intentional and walking in purpose. Gone are the days of trying something “just because” following popular trends without validating the source and accepting the status quo. This year we’re checking receipts and pursuing the science. No more miconazole, blue magic, and vagisil for hair growth. Let’s step away from the old wives’ tales and baseless rituals; leave it all in 2020.  Step into learning more about your hair and caring for your hair based on its specific needs.

It’s time to shed the dead weight as we step into 2021. If you’re honest, you’ll admit that your current approach to natural hair care leaves you wanting more. Do yourself a favor and leave these things behind as you embrace a better way to do natural hair care.

The prospect of better have you ready reevaluate more things that are no longer serving you? Awesome!  There’s more to share. Stay tuned for next week as we continue trimming the fat. In the meantime, visit Bold Kulture Beauty to learn more about how I can help you.


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