Hair Goals: 5 Tips for Growth and Length Retention

Hair Goals: 5 Tips for Growth and Length Retention

I went natural because I didn’t want my hair to grow…. No one has ever said it, and no one ever will. For many of us, the decision to go natural included several factors—one of them the potential for growth and length retention.

I would be lying if I told you hair growth was not a constant thought of mine. While health is my main goal, realizing length and seeing my hair’s full potential are high on the list as well, and I know I am not alone. I’ve seen the questions in the comments, the pleas for help in the hair groups, and the lengths we go to make growth and retention a reality.

This week I’m bringing sound advice to the sea of answers for the age-old question. How do I get my hair to grow? The answer is easier than you think.  Join me, and let’s take a closer look at proven tips for hair growth and length retention.

Stop smothering your scalp

Our immediate solution to all of our hair care woes is always a product. Grabbing products without knowing what your hair needs and how to address that need adequately is a recipe for failure. On the most basic level, your hair needs a clean environment to allow it to thrive. Creating the best environment for growth and length retention requires routinely cleansing the scalp and hair strands with shampoo. Stop thinking that adding more products to an already weighed down scalp is the key to hair growth. Cleanse your scalp, nourish it properly, and create a healthy environment that will allow it to thrive.

Reduce damage

We do a lot to and for our hair. In the process of living our best natural life, we can sometimes put our hair in positions that won’t allow it to thrive. Hair color is not wrong, the occasional blowout will not kill you, and alternative styles are not inherently damaging. The problem arises when we don’t properly care for our hair before, during, and after the changes we make. We should be mindful of over-processing, overheating, and over-styling our hair. We should also establish practices that will allow us to identify our hair’s needs, adequately meet those needs, and take the appropriate steps to help reduce damage and retain the length we desire.

Prevent breakage

Curly hair is fragile, every twist, turn, and bend represents a weak point that could result in breakage. Excessive tension, extended periods in protective or alternative styles, over manipulation, and poor technique when detangling can all lead to breakage and hair loss. Low maintenance styles that we think will protect the hair can come with their downfalls as well. To ensure growth and length retention, be mindful of how long we keep these styles, the stress they cause to the hair and best care practices throughout the styling process

Keep up with routine maintenance

There are certain things you routinely do for your hair to ensure it’s healthy and increase the potential for growth. Make sure you are doing them and being consistent. Sporadic or periodic cleansing, neglecting your deep conditioning and protein needs, and skipping trims will not put your hair in a position to flourish. Learn your hair’s specific needs, create a routine around these needs to ensure you’re meeting them, and remain consistent.

Be patient

Hair grows, that its most basic function. When adequately cared for (excluding any internal or external stressors), it will continue to grow and flourish. The average rate of hair growth is about ½ inch per month. Stressing about growth, ignoring the progress, and doing too much causes us to miss what is continually happening.

Working too hard in the wrong direction, chasing shortcuts,  and neglecting the overall health of our hair will keep us from reaching our goals of hair growth and length retention. Do the necessary work to learn more about your hair and its specific needs and follow a trusted source that doesn’t promote short cuts or perpetuate unrealistic expectations.

When it comes to getting the most out of your natural hair experience, let facts and sound advice be your guiding light. For great tips on ways to take control of your natural hair experience and get the tools you need for success, visit Bold Kulture Beauty, and let’s get started today!